Waxahachie High School varsity girls soccer head coach Jason Venable.

The Lady Indian soccer program hosted the annual Waxahachie 287 tournament this past weekend with five varsity and four junior varsity teams participating. The bad weather on Thursday pushed the tournament to a two-day schedule but according to head coach Jason Venable, the last-minute rescheduling went off without a hitch.

“The coaches were very complimentary and appreciative of the changes to allow all games to be played with adequate time in between,” he said.

The program as a whole went 6-1 with the JV team winning all three of its games. Varsity lost only one of its four games and outscored opponents 16-4 over the course of the weekend.

This was the first year JV was included in the tournament.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to get to be a part of it now,” Venable said.  

He reflected that varsity had “good results” this weekend and that he saw “good things” to kick off the season “but also some areas we need to work on.”

“We just have to get better every game and we don’t want this to be our best game of the year,” he explained. “We want to have something to work on and get better at and we want to have that game later on.”

Waxahachie soccer has hosted a tournament every year since Venable first came to WISD. This will be his 16th year and he appreciates the program’s tradition of kicking off the season in this way.

“I just think it’s great,” he said. “The varsity gets to play four games here at their home stadium the first weekend of season.”

Since the tournament takes place over Christmas break – fans, family and alumni get the opportunity to show up and participate in this tradition as well.

“It’s pretty cool to have all of those (alumni) and parents here,” Venable said.

Girls varsity soccer will travel to FW Brewer High School for a tournament this upcoming weekend, Jan. 11-12.

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