Lady Indians head softball coach Steve Howell won the 300th game of his career Tuesday evening after a 2-0 start to the district season for his team. Howell has coached the Waxahachie softball team for 24 years and has made the playoffs 23 of those.

“It feels great,” he said of the 300th win. “Of course, I’ve been coaching a lot of years so a lot of people had a lot to do with that. I’ve coached some great players that helped me get those wins.”

Specifically, he named of few of those athletes – Ariel Ortiz, Brooke Goad, Miranda Herron and Tori Banda, all of whom went on to outstanding collegiate softball careers.

“It was a privilege to coach them and get 300 wins because they had a big factor in doing that,” Howell said.

He explained that he owes all of this success to “the dedication of the players to play hard every game and not give up.”

“I think that’s a big thing; we don’t do a lot of things fancy but we work hard every day and try to get better so that’s our goal right now,” he said.

Howell mentioned a few specific wins that stood out of those 300.

“The Ennis game after coach (the late Joe) Wakeland passed was a big one,” he said. “We’ve had numerous big wins.”

Not the least of these has been the many rivalry games and “beating Lake Ridge.”

“In the past you know, way back, we beat Waco Midway. They’d won district for 10 straight years. We’d never beat them, but we beat them 4-3,” he said. “There’s been some great memories in those 300 wins and those were some of the bigger games.”

After the win against Cedar Hill, Howell’s parents were some of the first people out on the field to congratulate him.

“They’re big fans,” he said. “They’ve been supporting me since I was a little bitty kid. They come to all the games and you see how cold it was tonight and they’re at every game.”

He said the most important thing to him was winning the district game against Cedar Hill, which the Lady Indians did by quite the margin, 16-4.

“I wasn’t really counting; I didn’t know that I had 300 wins,” he said. “The 2-0 in district is a big thing for me but also the 300th win is a big thing for me and the people and alumni and the people I’ve coached in the past so we’ll try to go 301 on Friday.”

The Lady Indians will play Lake Ridge at 7 p.m. Friday at Waxahachie High School.

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