This week!

Italy football prepares to take on district with its tough mindset and hard hitting ways.

25 Min - Ennis golfer, Kinley, talks about what it takes to reach the goals she has set. Low scores and consistency along with her trusty 7-iron may take her to that level.

41 Min - Midlothian High School trainers talk about how they take care of players. They go from August to June. They wrap, tape and keep a cool head in some high pressure situations.

1:02 - County highlights:

Cross country - Ennis, Red Oak and Midlothian; football - Avalon, Ferris, Midlothian and Red Oak; volleyball - Ferris and Waxahachie Prep

1:10 - Red Oak volleyball seniors talk about where they have thrived on the court, and how they plan to take this further as they start the second round of district play and into the playoffs.

1:23 - After a big win, the Avalon Eagles look to take flight into district play. Coach Cole has them locking down on defense and exploding on offense.

1:43 - Italy volleyball is setting itself up for a chance at a district title. Find out how the team plans on taking its senior leadership on a run members will never forget.

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Pinnacle Bank Texas, Dough City Pizza + Burgers, Elete Tire and Automotive, and the U.S. Marine Corps.

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