We are very much interested in knowing what our readers think of a campaign flier sent out by county commissioner candidate Pct. 3, Richard Rozier, that makes use of a Getty Images’ stock photograph of some potholes.

The Sun has not heard back from Getty Images as to where/when the stock photo was taken but did find its prior use in a story by an online Maine-based media outlet that was published in February of 2019 (last year).

Rozier’s flier bears the header, “As county commissioner Richard Rozier will fix our county roads & bridges.”

In response to a Sun query about his use of a stock image as opposed to taking a photo of an actual pothole on a Precinct 3 road, Rozier said the stock photo he used wasn’t intended to be a representation of the roads in Precinct 3.

He said the flier’s intended message was that he would “make roads a priority.”

What are your thoughts on this and other campaign advertising? Stock photos or actual photos? All’s fair in politics? Are there actual potholes in Precinct 3?

Please send an email or drop your letter off at the Sun offices, 200 N. Rogers St., Suite B, with your thoughts. We’d love to hear them!

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Linda Hays Ker

Although I don’t have a dog in this fight (I don’t live in Mr Perry’s present precinct), I was simply amazed to read the editorial letter to readers in Sunday’s Sun regarding potholes.


1: What difference does it make what pothole picture(s) were used?

2: Was the picture labeled or described to be made of a pothole in our County?

3: Does The Sun never use Stock Photos in it’s publication? It is a very common practice, that’s why the name, “Stock Photo”!

I see this as a tacky last minute diversion on the part of Mr Perry’s campaign and maybe the Sun’s as well.

After the generous amount of “ Christian “ discussions in your paper, I don’t see this as being an example of your purpose.

You owe us all an apology for bending to the same level as those infamous “Fake News” pundits.

You invited comments and after much thought, there’s mine.


Show me one town or city in Texas that does not have Pot Holes. With Texas weather it happens. Precinct 3 and Commissioner Perry are constantly at work for their Constituents.

If there are so many pot holes then why weren't pictures taken from the actual Precinct?? Why did images from somewhere else have to be posted on the mailer?

While roads are important as Ellis County grows Commissioners have much more responsibility on them than just roads. Balancing budgets, as we all know the new 3.50% trigger from SB2/SB3 will be a very big factor next Budget session.

Redistricting will also be a major issue as we move forward....so why some may want to take the time to search for pot hole photos on the internet I would rather be concerned with other issues facing Ellis County.

Again roads are important but so are many other issues.

It was deceptive politics that will be supported by the people that support that candidate.

Bill Kinsala

At one time there was a paper that had the Perry Rule about posting too close to an election for replies from the opponent. A pothole is a pothole

Heath Sims

I don't see the concern in using a stock photo of a couple of pot holes. For the Sun to seem to make this an issue in Sunday's paper two days before the election reminds me of the National Fake News we are smothered with. Fact's would be good or some investigation. Pot holes are natural and a never ending battle, but to go three years with road issues, and only 6 months before an election begin to repair them is not good management.

I received a political mailer from the current commissioner a week ago with a skunk on it and fealt like Mr. Rozier was being called a skunk. Unprofessional. The current commissioner says he helped to make the spread of bio-solids in Ellis County illegal. Not true it is still being spread legally.

I expect more from the Sun.


There are plenty of roads in precinct 3 that need to be fixed CORRECTLY . It shouldn’t matter what photo was used, only that it states the truth in the message. As a construction company owner, Richard is the first person, running for county commissioner, in my 17 yrs of business that came out and looked at some of our jobs. He asked questions and got input as to why we were doing certain things and how to make things better. He shows genuine concern for fixing issues that have been neglected for a long time.


Using stock images is common in advertising. We have numerous potholes in Precinct 3 that are much worse than the ones in the stock photo and Mr. Perry has not concerned himself with them over his last 2 terms. Drive the backroads of the county and you will find plenty of them. Get off of the FM roads and get ready to dodge them or come to a stop to let a driver in the other lane go by so you don't knock your vehicle out of alignment.

D Blair

This is much adieu about NOTHING. A pothole is a pothole.

Bill Kinsala

I fail to see a problem with the photo! Pct3 is full of potholes! Some worse than the photo. It’s a stock purchase photo, it was never stated to be an actual pothole in PCT3. This is childish! Come on!! If you want real Pct 3 photos you can get thousands in a day! This is a waste of time. There are more important issues. Why so many potholes? Why not do a lasting repair ! When does common sense kick in? When will best practices become normal practices? This is a cheap diversion from the real problem!!!


A pot hole is a pot hole is a pot hole. I find it hard to believe that the newspaper is wasting time and effort on the origin of a photo of a pot hole. It is safe to say that you can go on any precinct 3 maintained road and find pot holes. Not a pot hole but multiple pot holes.

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