I was talking with my physician the other day and he was despondent about the wicked rise of the delta variant in Texas and Ellis County. It attacks the young. It goes for the unvaccinated like a tick after a dog.

In Waxahachie, the cases are climbing, and the hospital beds are getting scarce. But hey, I’m not worried. We’re lucky. We’ve got the guy who can steer us out of another city crisis. The man who, for the last seven years, has sacrificed his business and his personal time for the sake of Waxahachie. He always puts us first. He made the Ellis County Vaccination Hub actually happen, which, in turn, probably saved thousands of lives.

During the “Great Freeze,” when most of us were huddled under our blankets, this guy was skating the icy roads to check on the city water pumps. His encouragement and resource management supported the engineers and maintenance people to keep the pumps from seizing up. Unlike many cities, Waxahachie didn’t have to boil its water or do without.

His business experience and quiet, unassuming negotiating skills helped the city land real estate deals. We are getting some real city amenities and getting rid of some white elephants that have been dragging our development down. All necessary for our businesses, our city services, our schools, our great way of life to prosper. Sure, because of the stupid virus, we’re probably headed for another economy slump. But that’s OK, we’ve got the guy who can lead Waxahachie through the messy business of keeping a city vibrant and alive.

That guy is David Hill. Wait? WHAT? He isn’t mayor? How did that happen? When you’re racing into treacherous waters, smart people don’t get rid of the captain who has the guts, brains and character to keep you afloat. Do I smell something?

David Hill is no longer the mayor of Waxahachie. God help us.


Ann Eklund-Phillips


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Well said, Ann. God help us.

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