It has been said that change in our lives is inevitable. While that is generally true, change for change’s sake is usually not a good thing. Often it is more important to consider the long-lasting consequences of change before making one. This is the case in voting for who will either continue to lead our city in the most effective way, or change it in ways that may have unknown consequences. That is why I am for Chuck Beatty for continuing to lead us in an experienced and stable way in the upcoming election for Council Seat, Place 5.

Chuck is a native of Waxahachie, and, after a very successful high school and then college career at North Texas, he played professional football in the NFL. He was a professional with the Boy Scouts of America for 30 years and also served on numerous state, national and local boards and commissions. Chuck was elected to the Waxahachie City Council in 1995 and elected mayor for the 1997-2002 period. He is dedicated to controlled and quality growth. Chuck has been a knowledgeable and driving force in more consequential decisions and forces that have shaped our city than most people can fully comprehend. These include major public works projects, road and infrastructure improvements, city parks upgrades, implementation of Economic Development Council Improvements such as our new hospital, downtown revitalization, the new high school, improvements for IH-35E, new businesses, quality housing, new fire stations and the new police administration headquarters, just to name a few.

Chuck’s track record and proven accomplishments are a tribute to his knowledge and wisdom that comes from experience. If you vote just to make a change and ignore the treasured service from our councilman, Place 5, in Chuck Beatty, you will be tossing out one of the greatest assets we have to guide us into the future. A future wrought with many challenges to our rapidly growing city that Chuck has already proven he can handle competently. Vote for Chuck Beatty, Place 5, between now and May 1.

Dave McSpadden


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