Earlier this week on Facebook, the Sun ran a contest for our remaining tickets to Screams Halloween Theme Park, with readers asked to share their favorite things about fall. We’re sharing some of the responses below – and want to thank everyone who took part in our contests. And be sure and check out our video compilation of people’s “evil laughs” on our website, while keeping an eye on our Facebook page for more fun!

Michelle McCarty Shanor: I may not be a winner. But, it doesn’t change the fact that autumn is entirely my favorite season of all! Beautiful weather, traditions, food, camping and all other outdoor activities are so much more enjoyable, more community events, and so much more to make. Love this time of the year!

Theresa Thompson: The crispy cool mornings drinking coffee on the front porch! Also fall seems to make everyone a little more happier!

Tiffanny Flores: I love the hoodie weather. When we have it in Texas lol. Also Halloween and my daughters b’day.

Brandy Fisher: The beautiful temperature outside.

Zachary Shipley: I love how the weather and the wind blows the branches and makes you feel so good! And just calms you! Especially the time to just enjoy doing activities with your loved ones.

Ron Gillespie: My favorite time because of cotton harvest. The only time we had money to spend. Can’t use the tickets but a good thought.

Stella Martinez: I love the weather first of all, then all the great holidays that follow it!

Jena Rae Formella: Cute boots!

Holly Jordan: The weather holidays coming up. And the beautiful colors and leaves falling.

Rosie Villanueva: God’s beautiful creation of gorgeous different color leaves, fresh cool air. Taking a nice walk in the park, also knowing the holidays are just around the corner, a time when family and friends gather and eat good food! #football

Jennifer Bryant: Favorite thing about fall is being able to turn off my AC and have the windows open!

Callie Johnson Haygood: The sound of leaves crunching under foot. It means the bugs are dying and colder weather is headed our way.

Dana Powers Ellard: Getting out all our fall decorations today, pumpkin spice lattes, opening up the house windows, flannel shirts, bring it on!

Kayla Peppers: The energy in the air!

Max Hampton: Smell of a fall morning breeze and hitting the off-road trails on my MTB.

Rheannon Wallace Adams: The cool weather!

Cynthia Brown: The color change, the weather, the beauty of it all!

Ashley Akins Dodd: Sweater weather!

Angie Alber: The weather and holidays!

Martinez Jamie: I love the color of the trees and leaves, the best.

Amber Starr Satchell: Halloween is my favorite holiday, well at least it should be a holiday that we all get off for work and school! My favorite memory would be my senior year of high school going with a pick of friends to Screams and having the best night of our lives!

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