Kim Bauman

Yes, many of our traditions and Christian holidays are based from pagan events. Yes, we have gotten a little off track from some of the ways of our grandparents. Yes, we are in a high-tech world with children who have many, many costly items at their disposal. Yet, an egg hunt still stirs up excitement and anticipation very close to Christmas morning. 

Even knowing they were going to all get pretty much the same thing, only 10 eggs each, only half with candy in them, only one prize toy and there was not going to be one GOLDEN egg, children still joyfully hunted the eggs. They could not wait until time for the hunt, peeking at the basket with their names on them. Hoping magically, they would fill when they were not watching. Checking every hour to make sure they were still there. Waiting. Saying thank you when it was over. Walking carefully with wooden eggs balanced on long wooden spoons compares only to the tight rope walker at the circus. Tossing rubber ducks brings squeals of delight when they bounce off the body of a friend. Comparing items, counting the eggs over and over, feeling free running through the grass is entertainment not had on every ordinary day.

Waiting for the traditions that ground us. The events that bring friends and family together. The lesson of waiting, hoping, planning, anticipating. These are the joys of life. We cannot get so modern we discard the simple pleasures. We cannot get too busy to spend the time creating our own traditions or staying faithful to those of our own youth. Children thrive on routine. They feel secure in knowing that certain events will happen each season. They are grounded in knowing they will be supported in life by family and friends.

My three younger sisters are coming to visit me this weekend from the Midwest. All three live in different states. We have not all been together since my mother’s funeral in June. My anticipation and joy know no bounds. We aren’t hunting eggs but might go to a thrift store! It is a different kind of hunt. It is just the BEING that is grounding. I can’t wait. We’ll just have to take it as it happens.


Kim Bauman serves as owner/director of Pettigrew Academy located at 806 East Marvin Ave., Waxahachie.

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