Pat Pratt

As I sit here staring at the blank sheet of paper before me, my cup now empty of its third cup of coffee, I wonder if I’ve reached my limit. Perhaps I’ve used and overused all the words in my vocabulary, until I have nothing left to say.

“But,” you may argue, “having nothing to say never held you back before.”

So true.

I promised myself I’d clear off my writing space today (my kitchen table). Instead, I pushed everything back to make room for my notebook. Whatever fell on the floor will entertain the new kitten – he’s easily amused. And maybe he will refrain from attacking my ankles for a few minutes. 


I’m reminded of a quote by Robert Benchley: “Sometimes while in the throes of creative work, I get out of bed in the morning, look at the writing desk piled high with old bills, old gloves and empty ginger-ale bottles, and go right back to bed.”

I get it, Mr. Benchley, I really do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not comparing myself to the great Robert Benchley but I definitely understand the frustration.

I’m sure everyone, at one time or another, has had their own crawl-back-into-bed-and-hide-under-the-covers days. It’s called life. Not the board game Life but life in general.

And that, folks, is my segue into Life, the board game. Pretty slick, don’t you think?

In a frenzied attempt to organize my catch-all room, I came across four versions of that game, each one a little different. 

The oldest in my collection dates from 1960. In it you can actually end up in the Poor House or, if you’re lucky, go to Millionaire Acres. There’s a Revenge space and a Day of Reckoning. On the Day of Reckoning you can spin to try to become a millionaire tycoon. Of course, odds are you’ll end up in the Poor House. At least there’s no debtor’s prison. (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure God doesn’t have a spinner for us on our actual day of reckoning.)

By 1962, there was no Poor House – only Bankruptcy – not quite as bad.

In the 40th Anniversary, 1999 edition, players retire to Country Acres or Millionaire Mansion. Ah, Life is getting better!

And, last but not least, in my latest edition, from 2017, you can add pets to your Life. I guess in this newest Life people need a service animal.

What have I learned from all this?

No matter whether or not we’re in the game, life goes on.

No matter how hard we try to maintain the status quo, life changes.

And, as life changes, so do our perspectives.

It’s called LIFE.

Today I saw God at work in the changes in my life.

Where did you see God today?

Pat Pratt is an Ellis County author and writing coach who facilitates the Write Way and Write On writing groups. She also serves as pastor of Community of Christ Church in Red Oak and may be reached at

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