Brad Shotts

Through the years I have seen some funny epitaphs walking through cemeteries. I remember seeing, “I told you I was sick” or “Oh Well, Whatever!” In the Waxahachie City Cemetery, in the old section, you will find Mr. Boozer buried next to Mr. Stoner and up North in a cemetery you can find Mr. Burger buried next to Mr. Fries.

I know of a man who passed away and he gave his wife strict instructions on what to put on his grave marker. He instructed her to have the monument company engrave his epitaph to read, “It’s always something.”

That is really true isn’t it? It seems to always be something in this life. Often times we feel like we cannot get over one hurdle without the next one coming and it’s just one thing after another.

I’ve certainly felt this in my own life but I also think it’s the times and the world we are living in today. The days of simpler times have come and have definitely gone.

Satan loves to try and cripple us and, when we are down, that is when he loves to tell us how pathetic and worthless we are. He loves to tell us how bad of a person we are and how God could never love us or use us for anything.

These are all lies from Satan and could not be further from the truth.

Did you know that God has specific plans for your life? Those plans are still in place and it does not matter what you have done in your past. 

But Satan is betting that if he can keep those hurdles coming and keep those stumbling blocks in your path and keep you discouraged, he will keep you distracted and discouraged enough that you will never be able to find your way to God. There are a ton of people living their lives this way right now, even Christians. We can all fall victim to listening to Satan’s lies instead of God’s promises.

One afternoon at the funeral home, I had a 93-year-old lady tell me at her husband’s funeral service that she knew there was no way that God could love her because of all the bad things she had done in her life. She said, “These tears are not for my husband, I know where he is today; he was such a good man. But there is no way that God could love me for all the wrong I have done.” 

So, it doesn’t matter what our age is, Satan is after us all and is doing his best to discourage us and to keep us away from God. I can tell you though, after this sweet 93-year-old lady and I spent about five minutes in prayer together, she left me smiling from ear to ear and thanking God for his forgiveness.

Remember, if God can use Paul, one who murdered and persecuted Christians for years, who became one of the greatest men of God to have ever walked the Earth, He can use you. If God can use David, who was an adulterer and a murderer, who became one of the greatest kings, followers of God and who God called a man after His own heart, He can use you.

There is absolutely nothing that we can do to cause God to not love us. 

All He wants is for us to look to Him and to love Him and trust Him. If you will take the first step toward Him, He will come the rest of the way; he will meet you where you are and restore you to whom He has created you to be.

Father, may we all be reminded that You died on the cross for all of our sins and our past does not matter any longer. Your word tells us that Your mercies are new every morning. May we not listen to the lies of the enemy and may we focus our thoughts and keep our eyes on You. May we serve You, Father, in the way You planned for us to. Show us the way, Lord. We love You. Amen.

Do something to make a difference in someone’s life today.

Bradley Shotts is a member of the Rotary Club of Waxahachie; attends the Oaks Fellowship Church in Red Oak where he serves on the ministry team and loves serving his community.

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