The Waxahachie High School greenhouse is definitely a site worth seeing at some point in your day.

Lucky for you, there is an awesome sale going on this Friday and Saturday for all your local plant-loving needs. Earlier this week, we had the ability to go and speak to Jeannette Middleton, the high school’s horticulture teacher, who is leading the sale – and she gave us a ton more insight on what all would be going down Friday and Saturday. 

She informed us that, as a part of the sale, there will be more than 15 types of different plants for people to buy. There will be Swedish ivy, ferns and sunpatiens, and many more. 

The greenhouse is actually 100-percent student led, with teacher supervision of course, but anything being sold Friday or Saturday is completely student grown from the first day of the year until the end of the school year. 

While talking to Mrs. Middleton, she described to me how back in high school she was in ag for four years and she had no clue there was a greenhouse. 

“It just wasn’t something that was talked about very widely in the community. Waxahachie was pretty much still, if you want a certain type of flower, you have to grow it yourself,” she shared with me. 

Mrs. Middleton also explained how she believes that having the greenhouse sale for the last 12 or so years has really brought more light not only onto the program but also the kids in it. 

She said that, to her, it’s a lot more than just trying to raise money – it’s also about showcasing the incredible skills that the wonderful kids of Waxahachie High School work so hard to accomplish all year. Having the greenhouse and letting it be student-run also gives the students a lot of future skills they can potentially use in the future workforce.

The money gained from the sale immediately goes to being able to fund field trips like those to the botanical garden. 


Sun intern Matthew Pike is a senior at Waxahachie High School. He is a student in teacher Conrad Bates’ broadcast journalism class.

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