Kim Bauman

It is always interesting to me when parents allow counter culture or extremism teachings to be taught to their child but balk at the mainstream ones. 

Often the guise of letting the child “choose” or experiment comes into the conversation. I just don’t buy it. Unless you have ALL the facts, you aren’t really choosing. If you have been indoctrinated, you aren’t really exploring. Children don’t even know the questions TO ask. They are led.

I’m all for the study of many cultures, beliefs, traditions, knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  I’m not for the intentionally leaving out what the mainstream beliefs or traditions of one’s own country might entail. 

Literature is inundated with references to Judeo-Christian texts, stories, parables, and more. The child who has not heard these stories is left out of conversations and feel a sense of confusion. 

It is not about a belief system, it is about common knowledge.

When traveling, we are quick to learn the customs of a foreign land. We need to make sure our own children know the customs of our own land/area. These include religions, manners, foods, music, and more. They will fare better as informed students who can work with others. Then they will be able to make wise choices that fit their own lives when they are older.

It was a culture shock coming to Texas from the mid-west. I had not seen clocks, coffee tables, cheese, and more in the shape of my state. Texas seemed to be everywhere I looked. Embracing this new “land” brought many rewards. I love the pride Texans have in their state, and rightly so. It is rich with history and fun. I am glad we have such a diverse nation that can produce an informed citizen who is able to make personal choices once given all the facts.


Kim Bauman serves as owner/director of Pettigrew Academy located at 806 East Marvin Ave., Waxahachie.

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