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For the past year, friends opened their property to us when we needed a place to land, and it proved to be a peaceful site to spend our first year of marriage amongst the pandemic and all that went along with such uncertain times. When they decided to put their home on the market, we knew we had some decisions to make, too.

We are now a little over one month into our move from living fulltime in a 28-foot RV to spreading our wings in a one-bedroom apartment. Thomas, being the ever-patient and ever-understanding husband he is, has taken the move in stride. The smile on his face never waivers, and he wakes daily with a spring in his step.

Me, I’m just so happy to no longer be rocking and rolling every time the wind blows. I’ve slept through every thunderstorm and not once noticed the bursts of lighting, except for the one time I sat in the closet as the tornado sirens were going off. That night, I peeked out the crack in the closet door to see Thomas mesmerized as he stared out the bedroom window, giving me a play-by-play of what was happening outside.

I’m proud to report the move to a bricks and mortar home allows the jigsaw puzzle pieces to remain on the table instead of vibrating onto the floor. And I’m also happy to say I’ve been doing a lot less puzzles and spending more quality time with Thomas as we shop for our new home.

As a wife and mother, I was celebrated for a weekend, instead of a day. We began Mother’s Day weekend watching my grandson, Easton, play soccer in Ennis. He served his first time as the team’s captain and, as his Granny, that put a smile on my face. They won 8-1.

We left there to spend the rest of the day at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The grounds were filled with so much beauty. The colors were vivid and offered so many backdrops for great photographs.

As I drove the long way around Dallas, I was puzzled as to where we were going to eat. Lo and behold, some 45 minutes later we pull into Fort Worth. I saw the Stockyards in front of me and knew we were about to embark on one of my favorite eating establishments – Riscky’s Bar-B-Q. The 90-minute wait for a table didn’t disappoint.

We were able to shop at several spots that Thomas and I had not been to in quite a while as we waited for our table. After shopping, we spent the rest of our wait time people watching. Saying our hunger was satisfied once we ate was a mild understatement. We were stuffed, a little sunburned and ready to head toward home.

My oldest son, Jeremy, and his girlfriend, Erin, gifted me with a wall hanging that I’d fallen in love with the first time I saw it on Facebook. It now hangs in my dining room, and I love looking at the eyes of Jesus as He looks back at me. I realize that He’s the reason I no longer live in an RV where I was rocking and rolling every time the wind decided to blow, and for that I’m thankful.

I stand in amazement at all the answered prayers Thomas and I walk in each day. We have a new apartment that’s beginning to feel like home. Nick, my youngest, and his family are stepping out in faith to embark on a new journey. My oldest is walking in forgiveness toward a life filled with so many possibilities. My stepchildren, Donovan, Makayla and Gannon, are all doing well. My mom and extended family are living life to the fullest.

What more could a wife, mother and daughter ask for? Nothing, nothing at all.

Sandra Skoda Johnson is an award-winning journalist who now travels the county and beyond with her husband, Thomas, as they grow T&S Ministries, a ministry they created to help the homeless and those less fortunate.

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