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The weather has cooled down and my husband, the energy-Nazi, is at it again. He loves saving money with our industrial-sized bank of solar panels. Now that we have had to invest in a new air conditioner/furnace, he keeps an even more watchful eye on energy usage. He has an app on his phone that sends him a notification when I turn up the heat. I argue that I’m only trying to keep the water in the fish tanks from developing a skim of ice, and my plants from getting frostbite.

I ask you, is 66 degrees a comfortable temperature to relax in? Perhaps outside in the sun, wearing a light jacket, it would be OK. But, unlike my husband, who sits at his video game bundled up in his winter coat, I’m not inclined to dress for the Arctic inside my home.

Perhaps I should remind him we are not Eskimos. But, no, that might give him the idea to turn off the heat completely. He may decide if Eskimos don’t need central heat, neither should we.

I began wondering exactly what kind of clothing Eskimos wear. If, in fact, I am relegated to Arctic life, I want to be properly attired. I’d hate to be caught in last year’s model of mukluks, or an outdated caribou jacket. One must, after all, put forth the effort to make a fashion statement.

As I check out my statement today of sweatpants, sweatshirt and slipper socks, I’m reminded of my friend, Diana. As I dressed in my red shirt, black pants and pink slippers, she immediately came to mind and I had to give her a call. You see, she’s the most color-coordinated person I know. Her ensembles always match. She keeps two baskets by her door: one with different color reading glasses, the other with sunglasses. Before she leaves the house, she coordinates her glasses with her outfits. She is color-coded from her earrings, to fingernails, to her shoes.

I told her I thought of her when I dressed today in red shirt and pink socks. She laughed, gasped, and informed me I had ruined her whole day with that visual.

What if I mismatched my mukluks and parka? You can see, it’s a real dilemma. Is caribou an all-weather choice, or is there a lighter weight fur for spring? I Googled Eskimo clothing but didn’t get much information. There were a few standard pictures, like one would see in National Geographic, of smiling faces peeking out of furry hoods. No help there.

I could check eBay – that place has everything. I’m not sure those sellers would be any better informed than I am, though.

Besides, I just went out to check the mail, and it’s warmer outside than inside. I think I’ll fix another cup of coffee and go out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. There’s always next week to order the mukluks and caribou jacket. They can be my Christmas gift to myself, if I don’t freeze solid before then.

Today I saw God in the pleasant warmth of fall sunshine.

Where did you see God today?

Pat Pratt is an Ellis County author and writing coach who facilitates the Write Way and Write On writing groups. She may be reached at

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