Scott Brooks

Waxahachie Sun Publisher Scott Brooks

Nobody goes unplugged better than Dale Hansen, but it’s my turn today. 

Call me crazy, but somewhere along the way about half of America lost its ever-lovin’ common sense. I mean, for real. We’ve always had a measure of nit-wittedness in this country but the levels to which common sense has fallen is not only frightening, it’s become a national blight. 

Lest you think I’ve lost my own sense, consider these claims being espoused today: 

• The world will end in 12 years. Yep, an ever-growing, louder-than-ever echo chamber of people showing up in the news almost daily has the temerity to take “climate change” fear to hysterical depths with such nonsense. That we give them any attention at all is analogous to giving an addict more drugs. Unless the good Lord decides to send Jesus back before then, this world will not end in 12 years. These goofs can ramble until their collective head falls off but come 2031, America will be alive and well.

• A wall along the southern border is immoral. Really? If that were true, then so is the fence surrounding my backyard … and yours, too. Truth is, it’s immoral not to protect this country whether it’s with a wall, the border patrol, military, K-9s, a gator-filled moat or any other effective means. What comes across as a lack of common sense is far more sinister since most of those proffering such bull have walls around their own homes and offices. Clamoring about immorality when it comes to protecting a sovereign America is more about an unabated, insatiable desire to acquire votes. Plain and simple. 

• Eliminating the Electoral College. If anyone reading this believes it makes any sense to allow over-populated, liberal hotbeds of voters to choose the president of the country every four years then we’re in deeper trouble than imaginable. The Electoral College was established to prevent such a possibility and that cannot change. Without such a system, those living in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles would determine the direction of America. If you want a sense of that direction, consider the plight of those cities today. 

• Government run healthcare is effective. No way no how should any government have anything to do with healthcare. Obamacare was built on lies and manipulation and has done nothing but create havoc in the healthcare system in America. Don’t believe me, ask a doctor. Better yet, go to one and then try figuring out how insurance coverage is determined. 

• Gun-free zones save lives. You could think about that statement for a hundred years and still not find a shred of common sense in it. If I have a gun and you don’t, you lose. Why that’s even debatable is beyond me. My own mother, while enjoying an evening out with her friends at the age of 49, was killed by a stray bullet some idiot shot while fighting with another idiot in a public place, yet I’ll never believe our gun rights should change. America is great in part because citizens can protect themselves and their families. And, no politician or talking head is going to change that. 

• Socialism works. We can’t print what I think of such a claim but none of us should turn a blind eye to the all-out obsession some in America have to morphing the country into socialism. While I’m confident it will never happen, in the event it ever does, America as we know it will cease to exist. Capitalism is the best system in the world and while way too many folks like to claim otherwise, there’s no denying it.   

I could go on for days, but I’ll spare you. Just know this – half of the country wants life here to change. They want the rest of us to believe they have common sense and, as a result, know better about what’s best for America. The more we ignore them, the more their distorted, damaging ideas advance. So, let’s not enable the nonsense to continue by making sure we pay attention to the efforts no matter how they are packaged and attempted to be sold. America is the best place on the planet and no lack of common sense should taint that truth.   

There, I feel better.           

Scott Brooks is the Publisher of the Waxahachie Sun and President of Upward Media Group. Contact Scott at or 972-316-7712.


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Gary Giles

Good common sense.


Not the whole story. There are always two sides with left, right, and in the middle. I had hoped this new paper would not get political. Guess I was wrong. We get enough of it on television and social media.

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