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Waxahachie Sun Publisher Scott Brooks

Autumn is a wonderful, refreshing time of year. The searing of what feels like a never-ending summer blaze begins to ease and a cool, brisk wave drifts closer each day. In Texas, that drift is more of a tease than anything during these first few weeks of October but with patience comes the reality of hoodie weather and excitement for the holidays. It’s also this time each year when God allows us to pull up a chair and watch as He masterfully paints another beauty of the planet He created. If there was ever a proper use of the word “awesome,” it is when God does what He does every October. 

While the season may be called autumn, we find ourselves around this time of year in a kind of sub-season of fun fright and carved pumpkins. Halloween serves not only as the opportunity for harmless fright and hordes of candy to permeate the community, it is the launch of the holiday season. Waxahachie, through a variety of events, makes the best of both while also making sure we feel and see the celebratory decorations. There’s not really a time when Waxahachie isn’t shining but, when it comes to the holidays, the shine is a bit brighter.

One of the new attractions in the city this year is “The Pumpkin Hach” just a few minutes north of downtown. An idea brought to life by Lee Calvert, Aspen Development, John Paul Dineen III, Custom Square Hay Company and a host of volunteers, the “Hach” is as much a place to enjoy the kind of family fun this country needs more of as it is a place to pick up a pumpkin. There’s plenty of both though and since the price to take in The Pumpkin Hach is a donation to the Waxahachie FFA, it’s a two-fer, so to speak, for important purposes.

What makes The Pumpkin Hach special, beyond its creative name and assortment of pumpkins, is how it has quickly developed into a destination of sorts for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Not only have good people given time, money and energy to put it all together, they have arranged an array of activities there that I’m certain will bring a measure of joy to everyone choosing to go. I look forward to taking my family soon.

Should you decide to give the “Hach” a try, there are a number of fun things you can do. Included are family activities like these:

  • Grand opening day (Saturday, Oct. 12) 11 a.m.-4 p.m. – food trucks, live DJ, crafts and livestock
  • A petting zoo (Sunday, Oct. 13) noon-5 p.m. 
  • Pumpkin painting provided by Three Rivers Coffee Co.
  • Movie night (Saturday), Oct. 19) 7 p.m.
  • Photographers on hand to take family photos

While a quick visit to The Pumpkin Hach Facebook page will tell you more, you get the idea. The old farm décor you’ll see – décor that will take you back to a more simple, gentler time in America – is provided by John Paul Dineen III of The Yellow Farmhouse. The list of local business sponsors includes Aspen Community Development, Branded Burger, Circle H Contractors, JK Excavation, Krystal Valdez, Lone Star Events and Tents, Pearman Oil and Gas, Railport Brewing Company, Victron and the Sun. All said, the experience will not just fill up a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, it’s likely to fill your hearts, too.

This is just one of a million reasons why I love Waxahachie. People care, people do and people give. Imagine if more communities in America did the same. So, I say thank you to Lee Calvert, those I’ve mentioned above and the generous sponsors for bringing this ordinary piece of land to life. In doing so, you’ve given the people of Waxahachie a chance to put the world’s madness aside so that the magic of the holiday season can take hold.

You did good.  

Scott Brooks is publisher of the Waxahachie Sun. Contact him at


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