Kim Bauman

Make a time capsule in a can and bury it.

Make a ball toss from decorated coffee cans.

Decorate a tree with homemade “summer” ornaments.

See how far you can squirt a hose without a nozzle.

Paint a mural on the back fence.

Place a circle of yarn on the ground; look inside it with a magnifying glass.

Picnic in the back yard.

Watch birds.

Listen to sounds.

Watch clouds; draw the pictures.

Measure the yard.

Pillow fight.

Balloon volleyball.

Make a yard sign.

Scavenger hunt.

Practice reading to a tree.

Label yard plants.

Estimate then count the steps from the front to back.

Dance by moonlight to soft music.

Watermelon seed spitting contest.

Make a miniature house out of sticks.

And the most fun of all, bubbles and catching fireflies!

Kim Bauman serves as owner/director of Pettigrew Academy.

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