Scott Brooks

Waxahachie Sun Publisher Scott Brooks

I’m not sure when America arrived at a place where what was unthinkable just a few months ago is now a country full of whacky headlines about psychotic ideas, but here we are. The substance behind those headlines has been created by a wayward national media hellbent on fanning the flames of a society scorching its own earth. These ideas, better yet – hallucinations, are handed to an enabling media by people who have little, if any, intuition and a stunning lack of problem-solving skills. You’ll find many of them in congress, both at the state level and in DC, on college campuses, in the boardroom, on the ball field, and in the streets. None of them seemingly realize, for example, the far-reaching residual, damaging impact of not having a police presence in America. Can you imagine? Sadly, lots of these knuckleheads are contorting what little brain power they have left into justifying life without police in it. As much as I’ve racked my own brain trying to fathom it, just the idea of writing about it is surreal. And, eliminating the police is only a piece of the puzzle these “deep thinkers” are attempting to assemble. It is pure insanity.

That said, I have a few “defunding” ideas of my own – ideas I’m certain will make the country better, not worse. Ideas that will keep the country safe, not at constant risk due to unbridled violence. Ideas that keep families together rather than being shredded even more and ideas that permanently plant God in the center of life rather than kicking Him to the curb to make room for the devil’s war room. I’m fed up with what’s happening to this country and you should be as well. And, while this may shock you coming from a former major media stiff, I place the blame for society’s decline at the feet of a rotten national media and those in elected office who’ve made a career of seeking power while destroying a country. The national media in America are dying as a result of its own medicine, and the absence of term limits, an absence becoming more devastating by the day, must one day soon be filled with term limits on everyone in politics.   

So, to those running around while running their mouths espousing the idea of defunding everything in sight, I say this:

Defund purposeful ignorance

Defund career politicians … every last one of them

Defund the possibility that folks who hate America can run for any elected office

Defund the notion of socialism

Defund early release for violent/drug-related criminals

Defund labels that make it off-limits to combat groups using violence to destroy communities

Defund race baiters and their ability to keep the ugly flame lit

Defund mayors and city councils that think destroying police departments is acceptable

Defund police-free, gun-free zones

Defund social sites that peddle in censorship and vicious keyboard warfare   

Defund society’s newfound “cancel” culture

Defund Planned Parenthood

Defund stupidity

Defund any academic curriculum that either eradicates or ignores America’s history

Defund political views in the high school and college classroom

Defund immorality

Defund any media stroking the flames of the fire that is consuming America

Defund all protective laws designed specifically and only for politicians

Defund Hollywood smut

Defund attempts to change the U.S. Constitution

There’s more but you get the idea. The real truth is that it’s time for good people of every race, background, creed and vocation to stand courageous in combatting what is a perpetual desire to destroy America … city by city. That includes Waxahachie. As I write this, there are folks eager to take down a statue about which most of them know nothing. There are rumblings by a small few who apparently believe a myriad of racist messages are embedded in Waxahachie High School’s mascot, the Indians. We have a sitting city council person, Melissa Olson, knowingly, willingly and publicly lying to news outlets and others about the city’s plan regarding taxes, simply to create division and to appear as someone she isn’t. There is the continuing, often ugly, debate about whether masks are effective in protecting people from the coronavirus. The point? We cannot lose sight of the impact of the nation’s volatility on Waxahachie. Like in many areas of life, ignoring problems does nothing more than allow them to grow. Nor can we deny the challenges Waxahachie faces today. Those challenges can be conquered as long as enough people determined to conquer actively participate. That includes you and me. We may not have started the fires raging around us but we sure as heck can put them out and we should start today.

Should you question the threat, stop for a moment and you’ll feel the heat.

Scott Brooks is the Publisher of the Waxahachie Sun and may be reached at (972) 316-7712 or

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