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Waxahachie Sun Publisher Scott Brooks

As we barrel into another year likely to be wilder and crazier than the one to which we just said goodbye, there are a couple of folks I don’t want any of us to forget. Given society’s knack for unparalleled distractions from what truly matters, it’s easy to get lost in those distractions and, in doing so, lose sight of some special people. Since early 2016, from time to time, I’ve written about Scott Dorsett and Missy Bevers. I’ve done so not simply because of Scott’s tragedy and Missy’s death, but because of the valuable relationships that have resulted. 

Scott, although two and a half years into rehabilitation from a devasting auto-pedestrian accident, is still dealing with a plethora of physical challenges hard to comprehend. After nearly two years of professional, round-the-clock treatment, including physical and neurological therapy, Scott is in the care of his family now. With a mind as sharp as a tack and the stubbornness of a herd of mules, Scott, like most men, believes he can do more than he can actually do. By God’s grace and with the help of others, Scott’s wife, Johnna, has defined the real essence of unconditional love and extraordinary perseverance in how she has cared for Scott. Scott can be tough and defiant yet, in my own anecdotal opinion, it’s only because he wants to be the Scott of old, not the Scott confined by countless injuries and endless hours at home. 

While loved by so many here and across the country, Scott lives each day with what I’m convinced is a desperate desire to not be forgotten. That’s why I’m reminding you of him today. It’s also why I’m asking you for the same kinds of prayers you sent in the weeks and months following that lousy night in August 2016. Prayers for Scott’s physical healing, for Johnna’s ability to take care of Scott and for the chance to have as normal a life as possible are what the Dorsetts need.  

Missy Bevers lost her life on April 18, 2016. Most of you, I’m sure, know that Missy didn’t just die, she was ruthlessly killed. While I still have faith the monster who did it will be caught and prosecuted, anger about the case remaining unsolved continues to grow. Something’s not right about a police department, the FBI and every other agency that’s been involved not being able to solve this murder and, although I may be one of very few in the media who cares about it, I’m not going to stop caring about it. Missy’s family deserves better and somehow, someway they must get it. Given the amount of evidence, from a video of the killer lying in wait to a variety of other clues, this should have been solved long ago. Despite a husband who has absorbed more accusatory abuse than you can imagine to three beautiful girls and a loving extended family needing answers, Missy’s killer remains on the loose. If you ask me, that’s astounding.   

Like the Dorsetts’ strength, the strength that flows through Missy’s family and friends is remarkable. So is their courage. All of it though is easy to forget if for no other reason than life goes on. That said, I don’t want you to forget about Missy and her family. I don’t want you to forget Missy was only 45 years old, that she had a passion for health and fitness, that she was a wife, daughter and sister deeply loved and that she was the mother of three precious girls. I don’t want you to forget that her life was taken right here in our own community by someone whom I’m guessing wasn’t just passing through and I don’t want you to become comfortable with any aspect of what happened … especially that it remains unsolved. What happened on that dark, rainy morning was not only horrific, it was unconscionable, and we should never forget it or the life of the woman that was lost – Missy.

Yes, this is a new year full of anticipation and excitement. It will no doubt be a glorious year for some and a tough one for others. Whether glorious or tough, it will also be fast, fragile and loaded with plenty that will distract us from what’s most important. Even so, it’s my hope that we find ways to never forget those in our community who have suffered in ways most of us won’t and that we use their tragedies to remind us to be compassionate and kind. 

As new distractions join the old, please don’t forget Scott and Missy. 



Scott Brooks is the Publisher of the Waxahachie Sun and President of Upward Media Group. Contact Scott at or 972-316-7712.

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