Scott Brooks

Waxahachie Sun Publisher Scott Brooks

Frankly, I think the people of this country are being played. That isn’t to say, however, that I’m interested in forcing my own thoughts of dealing with a pandemic on anyone or anything. How others choose to live in what are strange, turbulent times made stranger and more turbulent by the fear of COVID19 and its supposed variants is up to them, not me. I’ve yet to come to a point where it makes any kind of sense, especially good sense, to tell another human being what to wear or how to protect themselves. Just as it’s none of anyone else’s business how I conduct myself, I have no business meddling in the lives of those around me.

As for the federal government and people like Fauci, the CDC, this council or that one, the president, and the list goes on, none of them deserve an iota of credibility as far as I’m concerned. When I’m led to believe that an oft-hyped vaccine is sufficient to save me from a virus but that as a vaccinated person I must now wear a mask to protect myself from the unvaccinated, I’m done believing. When vaccinated people I know and love become infected with the same virus from which they were promised to be protected by being vaccinated, I’m done believing. When the so-called “foremost expert” on viral diseases, Mr. Fauci, attempts to mandate that families can’t gather for any reason while on more than one occasion D.C. bureaucrats are caught hanging out together mask-less, I’m done believing.

Contextually, having dealt with unions for much of my professional career, particularly in the north, I’ve come to understand the shrewd use of dialectics. That is, attempting to resolve opposing views of two distinct parties in ways that satisfy both. Sounds admiral at face value. Truth is, it is admiral unless the motivation for using dialectics is to ultimately create, in this case, more influence, control and power for unions. Despite repeated claims by unions, especially in today’s workplace, of existing only to protect rights of workers, unions have repeatedly been caught doing just the opposite. As a result, union membership in America has dropped by 50% since 1983, according to the Pew Research Center. What was once good for the America worker isn’t so much anymore.

I see the government much the same way I see unions. Capable of doing good, it doesn’t. Given irresistible temptations of, at any expense, acquiring massive influence, power, and control, it’s obvious the federal government has lost its way. Instead of putting its citizens first, the government continuously seeks ways to grow and oversee. I could provide countless examples to support such an argument but most of you already know it. While it does matter who sits in the Oval Office, the basic premise of government has been to increase its ability to control people. And tragically, save for the few, people simply acquiesce.

Yes, I believe we’re being played. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know but the evidence is there. That evidence makes clear, at least to me, how effective the government is at using the same tactic used by unions – dialectics – for all the wrong purposes. Instead of finding ways to resolve opposing views about a virus, and thereby bring people together, the federal government has created enough mass confusion, mass contradiction, and mass morass to not only compel the American people to seek rescue, it has also created levels of contempt and hatred among its people in ways I’ve not seen before. Stoking literal and figurative fights about masks, mandating school policies in districts determined to resist, spreading wild and crazy data, using “experts” for its own ulterior motives, injecting levels of fear in citizens, changing policy from one day to the next, threatening people it should be protecting, and leaving wide open for every infected person on the planet to enter the country illegally has, in total, provoked both sides of the argument to look toward, of all places, the government for help … and the government knows it.     

I have no doubt that COVID-19 is real, it is deadly, and all of us should be wary of it. If you want to wear a mask, wear it. If you want to stay away from others, stay clear. If you think taking every measure you can imagine is necessary for your peace of mind, then I say take them all. You have my understanding and respect. So do those who have no use for a mask, who want to be out and about, who believe this virus is no deadlier than the flu, and who are interested in living as full a life as is possible. None of us has a say in how anyone deals with a pandemic, plain and simple. All of us though, have a say in how a government should treat its people … especially in America.

In America, the people must take control of the government.                              

Scott Brooks is publisher of the Waxahachie Sun. Contact him at

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