Brad Shotts

Mother’s Day is a happy time in which we pause and give thanks to the one person that has truly made a difference in our lives. Moms help mold and shape us to become who we are. Mothers are the heartbeat of the home and the one responsible for making the place we live feel like home. Nothing can replace that comfortable, soothing feeling. Mothers teach their children how to love, be compassionate, polite, and kind. Moms are a gift from God who bring warmth, understanding and assurance into each of our lives.

There is another element to Mother’s Day we need to acknowledge and consider. There has probably never been a time in our history when the family structure has suffered more than today. More and more families are fractured than ever before. It is heart-breaking to me to see siblings that haven’t spoken to one another in years or sons and daughters who have not spoken to their moms or dads in decades. It is usually over something that was said long ago when feelings were hurt.

Right this moment there are so many who would give anything to have five more minutes with their mom. They know exactly what they would say to her since many have thought about those words often because of missing the opportunity while they had the chance. This Mother’s Day can be an opportunity for all of us to honor Mom by showing forgiveness to those by whom we have been hurt. What a beautiful thing! I cannot think of a better way to honor all mothers today. Forgiveness is powerful.

Perhaps you still have your mother and are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with her. Go see her, wrap your arms around her and remind her how much you love her. Allow her to hear you say those words. On the other hand, maybe it has been a while since you have spoken to your mother. Perhaps the last time you spoke, the conversation did not end well. Call her today and tell her how much you love her.

You may be one of the many whose mother has passed away or you may know of a mother who no longer has her children. For some, this day can be difficult and challenging. If you know someone who may be struggling, give them a call and tell them you are thinking of them. Sometimes a simple gesture can mean the world to someone else.

Last, if you have unforgiveness in your heart toward anyone, let this day be the day that you end bitterness by saying a kind word or that you are sorry for the past. You never know what those simple words can mean to someone and how powerful an impact they can make.

I have seen a person’s life trajectory change with amazing results because they were big enough to admit to someone that they were wrong. I have also seen how bitterness can cripple someone’s life because they were too proud to say those two small words – “I’m sorry.”

Let us all honor our moms today. We love you and we thank you for everything that you have done for each of us. Grab hold of your mother today and make sure she hears you say, “I love you.”

Father, Satan works so hard to make us fall. He knows how important our families are to each of us and he works diligently to cause division and anger in the home. I ask you to bring restoration where there is brokenness, healing where there is division. May the bonds that hold unforgiveness in so many hearts be broken and instantly may hearts be full of compassion and love. I ask you to rebuke the spirit of pride, anger, jealousy, and resentment in the name of Jesus and may you replace that with forgiveness, courage, hope, and your love. May we honor all mothers today by restoring broken homes and broken relationships.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Brad Shotts is a member of the Rotary Club of Waxahachie and attends Oaks Fellowship Church in Red Oak, where he serves on the ministry team. He loves serving his community.

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