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Waxahachie Sun Publisher Scott Brooks

Seven months ago, one of my dearest friends and one of Waxahachie’s best, Scott Dorsett, went home to be with the Lord. While still hard to believe Scott is no longer a call or text away and that we don’t get to hear his distinct voice or be reminded of his presence by the rattles of his camera vest echoing throughout the office or take in the sight of those pasty white legs, we feel his presence at the Sun every day. Matter of fact, that presence is much like the sun, warm and calming.  

Many folks in town know that Scott had an exceptionally close relationship with his daughter, Kennedy. Protective, attentive, tender and loving, Scott was often on his way to do something for his “little girl”. He talked of Kennedy what seemed like all the time and, in doing so, left no doubt about the place Kennedy occupied in his heart, in his soul. This past Thursday, Kennedy turned 18. That’s hard to believe, as well. Seems like only yesterday Scott was running out to Whataburger, or wherever she requested, to buy Kennedy’s lunch, photo assignments be damned. He did it often and there was no getting in his way. I can only imagine what he would have done Thursday given the importance of his “baby girl” reaching such an important milestone in her young life.

It is with that kind of unconditional love that I’d like to share with you the letter I believe Scott would have written Kennedy had he been here to celebrate her birthday.

October 21, 2020

Dear Kennedy,

 I can’t believe you are 18. Seems almost impossible to me especially since it was only yesterday, I swear, when I held you in my arms, tucked you into bed, and told anyone who would listen just how much I love you. I mean, really love you.

You see, the minute I first saw you 18 years ago, my heart became yours … and it still is. I’ll never forget the unimaginable joy I felt as you entered this world. It is a joy I will treasure forever. As I see it, I am the luckiest man in the world. Being able to watch you, listen to you, hold you, laugh with you, cry with you, protect you and love you all these years has been a gift I often wonder if I am worthy to receive. To know that God loves me and your mom enough to give you to us is both crazy and humbling.

There is so much I want to tell you. Not only have you made me profoundly proud, I want you to know how beautiful you are … inside and out. An unforgettable smile, tender heart, compassion for others, including animals, and a desire to do good in this world are attributes that will take you far. You are smart, you are responsible, and you care for your friends like the best of friends do. You may not have realized this, but the love you have for your mom and brother makes me happier than I’ve ever told you. Like so many, I have always been drawn to your personality and cherished being with you regardless of what we were doing. Nor could I get enough of the special way you make others feel just by being around them. You are funny, unique, and your sarcasm leaves little doubt as to whose daughter you are.

You mean the world to me, Kennedy.

As you transition now into adulthood where a big world full of opportunities, dreams and yes some dangers await, don’t ever forget that I am here for you. I will always be here for you. If you become afraid, reach for me. If you worry, speak to me. If you experience emptiness, hold my pictures close. When you are happy and want me to know, write me a letter. If you get confused or lost, think of our many conversations and remember to keep your eyes on the goal. Truth is, you can achieve anything you want to achieve in this life. When you dwell on our times together, play one of our songs and sing like no one but me is listening. Go to Whataburger, look to the bleachers or sidelines for me, and always feel like you can dial my number. Leave me a message, whisper your fears, tell me a joke, and know that I’ll listen over and over again.

Your mom and brother are here for you, too. They both love you and will do anything they can to help you succeed in life. Together, we will provide for you a safe, warm home for as long as you want and need it.

It won’t be long before it’s time for you to head off to Lubbock and embark on your college years. I am proud of you for choosing Tech and for making the commitment to use what you learn to achieve your goals. More than that though, I want you to follow your passions. Once you know what those are and you live within them, you will find genuine happiness. You’ve seen how happy I am with a camera in my hand so you know what passion looks like. You can do the same with whatever you pursue. Just don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

So, happy birthday, my sweet girl. You really have no idea just how happy you have made me and how complete my life has been because of you. Parenthood isn’t always easy but you made my job as dad one of the best, if not the best, jobs I’ve ever had. I have been told often that you are a “daddy’s girl” and every time I hear it, my heart grows. There is no better daughter on the planet and for that, I thank you. You truly are beautiful, Kennedy, and will for all of eternity be the angel God gave me.

Now, by the grace of that same God, I get to be your angel.

I love you,


Scott Brooks is the Publisher of the Waxahachie Sun and may be reached at 972-316-7712 or by email at

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