As of Monday evening, the Texas Department of State Health Services’ COVID-19 dashboard was reporting Ellis County with 606 active cases. Concurrently, the county is reporting 127 hospitalizations, with 28 of 28 ICU beds filled with covid patients.

The county’s death toll now stands at 336 (reported since the pandemic’s onset in March 2020).

Local hospital officials have previously said the increase in numbers since around July 1 is similar to that reported elsewhere in the nation as a result of the coronavirus’ delta variant.

The data also shows that 98-99% of the hospitalizations involve people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. More than half of those hospitalized are younger than age 65.

County officials have declined comment to the Sun on the increase in cases.

Ellis County reported its first case of COVID-19 on March 17, 2020, peaking at about 1,340 active cases Jan. 15, 2021. The county then dropped to below 100 active cases as of April 18, maintaining numbers in the 60-80 range through about June 22, when the numbers dipped further, into the 50s.

As of Aug. 23, the DSHS data dashboard showed the following cumulative data for Ellis County:

• Confirmed cases to date – 20,926

• Probable cases to date – 4,928

• Fatalities to date – 336

• Active cases – 606

• Recoveries to date – 25,169

Total tests to date – 235,258

Ellis County hospital data (as of Aug. 23 per the county’s report):

• Total bed count: 235

• Total beds occupied: 228

• Total ICU bed count – 28 (typically at 18)

• Total ICU occupied – 28

• COVID-19 patients in the ICU – 28

• COVID-19 patients in MedSurg – 99

According to the nonprofit Covid Act Now dashboard, Ellis County is below the state average in the number of people fully vaccinated: 38.8% vs. 46.1%.

Ellis County exceeds the state average in three key metrics:

• daily new cases – 66.6 per 100K vs. 60.4 per 100K

• infection rate – 1.11 vs. 1.08

• positive test rate – 25.1% vs. 18.7%

Based upon the data, Covid Act Now lists both the state of Texas and Ellis County at “very high” risk, based upon the data. The Covid Act Now data dashboard can be found online at

The DSHS data dashboard can be found online at

The county’s hospitalization data is available on the county’s website at

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