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According to Monday evening’s report from the Texas Department of State Health Services, Ellis County’s active COVID-19 case count has decreased to 77 from last week’s 92. Since the onset of the pandemic, Ellis County has posted 19,007 confirmed cases, 3,956 probable cases, 22,810 recoveries and 314 deaths, according to DSHS.

Ellis County no longer uses data provided by the state of Texas’ contracted contact tracing entity, Texas Health Trace, due to inaccuracies. Instead, the county has advised residents to use DSHS’ website dashboard.

As of the latest DSHS report, Ellis County has seen 199,295 tests conducted.

The DSHS dashboard is updated daily but does not include a city-by-city breakdown of cases, gender breakdown and age breakdown.

The county receives its hospitalization information from a different database and has direct access to the state’s death records to verify those to the number published by DSHS.

DSHS Dashboard Data – May 24

Total confirmed cases: 19,007

Total probable cases: 3,956

Active cases: 77

Recoveries: 22,810

Deaths: 314

Hospitalizations (as of May 20):

• Bed count – 235 bed capacity

• Bed count –176 occupied

• ICU bed count – 17

• Occupied ICU total – 12

• Occupied ICU COVID-19 confirmed patients – 4

• Available ICU – 4

• COVID-19 confirmed patients – 20 (4 ICU and 16 medsurg)

Note: The number of ICU beds adjusts from its typical baseline of 18 as dictated by need.

Deaths by city (213 total – last reconciled by the county Jan. 21):

• Avalon – 2

• Bardwell – 2

• Ennis – 42

• Ferris – 7

• Glenn Heights – 1

• Italy – 5

• Maypearl – 2

• Midlothian – 37

• Oak Leaf – 1

• Ovilla – 2

• Palmer – 4

• Red Oak – 35

• Waxahachie – 73

Ellis County received its first positive case of COVID-19 on March 17, 2020. The county’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order expired April 30, 2020, in line with the expiration of the governor’s order. The county approved a memorandum of understanding with the state on Aug. 11, 2020, to receive additional data on death counts. As of Feb. 9, 2021, the county ceased reconcililng the death report and its city-by-city breakout as it was concentrating its manpower and efforts on the county vaccination hub, which is now slated to close June 4, 2021.

Visit the state’s COVID-19 dashboard on its website at https://www.dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/additionaldata/.

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