As he concludes his third term serving as Texas state representative for House District 10, John Wray, and his wife, Michele, continue their custom of supporting the community as private citizens. The Wrays are making a considerable financial commitment in support of the nonprofit FirstLook Medical Clinic, which has touched tens of thousands of lives in Ellis County and the surrounding community.

“Our contribution is being made to the ongoing capital campaign for FirstLook Medical Clinic,” Wray said. “I hope that our lead gift will inspire others to participate and make the contributions necessary to support this worthy local cause. The campaign will still need to secure additional funding in order to achieve their goals for our community. The motto for the clinic is ‘putting compassion for life into action’ and that is exactly what we are doing.”

Donna Young, CEO of FirstLook Medical Clinic, expressed her appreciation for the contribution.

“The pregnancy and sexual health services provided by FirstLook are imperative to the health of our community and are provided at no cost to recipients,” she said. “We cannot provide these medical and outreach programs or the level of needed care without strong support from the same community. Our capital campaign will fund a new clinic to serve the expanding population of Ellis County.”

Throughout Wray’s political life, which has carried him through positions such as city councilman, mayor and state representative, his priority of “community first” has remained a constant.

“Michele and I have always believed strongly in supporting the community which brought us up and we always will,” he said. “As I step away from the political spotlight, we hope to continue to shine a light on the incredible work being done by dedicated people right here in Ellis County.

“It is no coincidence that I choose to support organizations that reflect my voting record in the Legislature,” Wray said. “Not only did I support life with my vote but I support this priority with my personal time, my energy and my donations.”

Wray has been a donor to FirstLook Medical Clinic for years, attending its events and, as a pro-life donor, this seed contribution will go toward the organization’s capital campaign to fund a new, modernized clinic.

FirstLook Medical Clinic in Waxahachie is the only nonprofit clinic of its kind in Ellis County. As a sexual health and pregnancy center, it has provided free educational and medical services to the men and women of the community who need them, regardless of their beliefs or circumstances.

For more information about the capital campaign, visit

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