WHS girls head track head coach Dana Scott provided the Sun with a breakdown of what the different track events entail:

100m dash 

– “They run 100 meters, which is a little bit more than a football field length, and they come out of blocks which is kind of like a – think of a four-point stance in football  – and it’s very similar to that because you can take off faster that way.”

100m hurdles 

– “Is the same race but you have 10 flights of hurdles and girls I think it’s 33 inches, boys 36 inches. So, it’s basically the same thing, you just throw in hurdles, which makes it very difficult because everyone thinks you’re supposed to jump over the hurdles but you’re actually supposed to really run over them so the better hurdlers are the ones that’re just barely clearing them.” 

4x200m relay 

– “You have four kids that run a 200 meter, so about two football field lengths, and they pass the baton and they give you a little exchange zone that you pass the baton in that area. If it’s before it or after it, they get disqualified.”

4x100m relay 

– “Same thing (as 4x200) but 100 meters.” 

4x400m relay 

– Same thing as above except “everyone runs a lap (of the track).


Emma (Curry) runs a 1600m and that’s a mile, basically a mile.”

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