Matt Savino


Matt Savino

Libertarian Party nominee

Educational background: 

A variety of certifications mostly in the medical field

Professional experience: 

IT Support 


1). Why are you running for office? 

I am running for office because I see a lot of problems in our current state government. There is a ton of wasteful spending and yet all we get in return as citizens is higher taxes and more regulation. 

I have been a constitutional activist most my years and I finally decided to go further and try to fix some things from the inside. Give the PEOPLE a voice again. 

I can at least tell my children I tried to fix the problem instead of just complain about it. 

We have too many lawyers and bankers in our state government that only look out for themselves and their corporate financial backers. 

The job as a representative is to represent the people of your district and the state, not corporations. I want to bring honor and dignity back to the position of State Representative as a public servant. Bring back freedom, liberty, accountability and responsibility.

2). Please discuss your No. 1 goal (and any specific plans relating to that goal) you have for your office, if elected.

One of my main goals when elected is to lower our property taxes. Texas is the fourth highest in the union. Many will say “that is to make up for not having an income tax.” I’m sorry but tax is tax no matter what name you want to give it. We are being taxed to death here in Texas. 

I plan to propose changes that are effective statewide including removing the concept of taxing based on home value. Replace it with the purchase price of the property so that it is a fixed number. That will eliminate the need to continue paying for county assessors. 

Also to put the responsibility of public education back on the state where the Constitution for the state of Texas says it belongs. 

There is plenty of money at the state level to cover this if we cut or remove the spending in unnecessary areas like pensions for elected offices, which I also want to see removed.

3). Please discuss your No. 2 goal (and any specific plans relating to that goal) you have for your office, if elected.

Another big goal, if elected, is to put some restriction back onto CPS/DFPS. 

As it stands right now DFPS courts can supersede our own State courts. I myself have fallen victim to this and lost my youngest child to CPS yet I was not found guilty of doing any harm to my son via the state courts including passing 2 polygraph tests. 

CPS/DFPS has been granted more power in the state of Texas than in any other state. It has become legalized kidnapping with federal incentives of up to $8,000 being granted to the state CPS department for every child they remove from a home and adopt out. 

I’m not saying that CPS doesn’t do good but I am saying the bad now out weighs the good.

Children in CPS care are almost three times more likely to become victims of physical abuse than in the care of their biological parents, almost 10 times more likely to be victim to sexual abuse in care of CPS. And the fatality rate is over 4 times higher. 

4). Is there anything else you would like to share with voters?

We need to stop enacting laws that are based on our personal views. What other people do with their own bodies and their property is none of your or my business. So long as they are not hurting anyone else, damaging anyone else’s property or stealing from anyone, then let them be.

Let’s bring our state and federal governments back under the restrictions set by them in our Constitutions. 

They have violated it enough and it’s past time to fix it. Something needs to be done before it is too late.

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