The city of Waxahachie’s Parks and Recreation Department has scheduled two major cleanup events for residents to take advantage of in April.

The first is the annual Household Waste Disposal Day slated for Saturday, April 20, at Lions Park, 2303 Howard Road. The event is free to Waxahachie residents who reside within the city limits. Proof of residency is required via a current city utility (water or garbage) bill. 

“We have the e-waste (electronic waste) pickup; Shred It, the document shredding company; and the household hazardous waste pickup,” director of parks and recreation John Smith said of the Household Waste Disposal Day’s offerings. 

Space is limited, so residents are encouraged to note the following details about their Household Waste Disposal Day options if planning to drop off hazardous waste, electronic waste and or paper documents:

• Hazardous waste will be collected from 9-11 a.m. by a mobile unit available those times only at the city of Waxahachie’s Citizen’s Convenience Station, 499 Lions Park Road. Acceptable items include chemicals, paints and fertilizers, among others. Not accepted are ammunition, asbestos, and syringes, among other items. For a complete list of what is accepted or not accepted, download a PDF at

• Electronic waste can be dropped off at the city’s fire training center at Lions Park from 9 a.m.-noon, with collection made by Frank’s Urban Collection. Questions can be directed to 972-268-1474 or

• Paper documents needing shredding will be accepted at the Lions Park playground parking lot from 9 a.m.-noon by Shred-It. Paper clips and binder clips must be removed from any papers dropped off.

The week after the Household Waste Disposal Day will encompass the city’s annual Spring Sparkle, which will run from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday, April 22 -26. (Note that Saturday is not included in the free disposal). The event allows residents to dispose of one regular pickup load or 8-foot trailer load of trash or garbage for free. 

“[The Household Waste Disposal Day and Spring Sparkle] are free to Waxahachie residents,” Smith said. “They have to bring their driver’s license and garbage bill to prove residence. Some people might not have water but they will have trash service.”

Items accepted during Spring Sparkle include household bulk items like kitchen ranges, washers, dryers, mattresses and box springs. Items that contain freon will not be taken, however. Yard waste, brush and tree limbs are accepted but will not be taken if mixed with other waste. 

For a complete list of what is accepted or not during Spring Sparkle, download a PDF at

Residents who miss out on Spring Sparkle can still avail themselves of the convenience station the rest of the year, when the general charge is $5 per cubic yard of items that can be readily compacted without special handling. Smith notes that the convenience station accepts nonfood-related cardboard boxes for recycling as well as tires. 

Regular hours and days for the convenience station are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays. 

Throughout the year, the convenience station also produces mulch from the collected tree limbs and brush, with residents able to pick up as much as they want for free.

“The convenience station is a parks and recreation facility now and has been for the last two years,” Smith said. “So, it is a very new department to us and we are learning its goings on along with its programs. 

“We have two full-time employees at the convenience station, three if you count the parks department employee that is stationed out there that manages Lions Park and a portion of the hike and bike trail,” Smith said. 

The convenience station provides city residents with a place to dispose of solid waste that cannot be collected via their curbside or alley service. People living outside the city limits, commercial service companies and businesses are able to utilize the convenience station  – but only as space allows. During times of limited space, they may be denied access. 

The convenience station sees regular use by residents, Smith said, noting that February saw about 300 users use the facility for yard waste and about 150 users for household waste. As the weather gets warmer, the number of residents who use it will pick up, he said. 

People with questions about the Citizen’s Convenience Station, the Household Waste Disposal Day or Spring Sparkle can call 469-309-4271. The convenience station is located at 499 Lions Park Road and is adjacent to the city’s wastewater treatment plant and Lions Park.

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