Through the generosity of the community, the Waxahachie Police Department was able to raise more than $18,000 to support the Testicular Cancer Foundation. Since October, officers have been sporting beards to be used as a conversation to raise awareness about men’s health issues along with serving as a fundraising tool.

The Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support to men to raise awareness about testicular cancer, which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men ages 15-34 years old.

Testicular cancer survivor and Waxahachie Police officer James Taylor wanted to express his thanks to the community for its heart of giving and his fellow officers who not only wore beards but stepped in to help run the campaign this year.

This year, Taylor was limited to how much he could do physically as he was recovering from shoulder surgery and going through rehabilitation.

Through sales of T-shirts and hats at the department, three outside sales events, donations from officers who wanted to wear beards and $1,000 from the Waxahachie Police Association, they raised $9,229. This amount was matched for the fifth year by an anonymous donor for a total of $18,458.

“We can’t thank that person or entity (the anonymous donor) enough. They have stepped up and helped match our donation every single year,” Taylor said. “All of the people that came out and supported us and purchased shirts and hats we can’t thank them enough. It shows the community is behind what we are doing and supports us. All of the officers that stepped up and helped, thank you. I needed the help more than ever this year because I was injured.”

Taylor was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008 as he was preparing to become a police officer. He underwent several surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and multiple hospital stays.

This past October marked Taylor’s 11th year as cancer-free and he wants to encourage everyone to make their health a priority, make regular check-ups and listen to what their body is telling them.

“I have some things that are working in the plans but all that is going to depend on my shoulder,” he said of future plans to raise funds for the Testicular Cancer Foundation. “There is an event that I would like to do mid-year. We are going to do shirts and hats for next year. More than likely I am going to add decals for cars. Possibly some wrist bands. We will have the rowing event next year.”

He said he’s looking forward to what they can do next year and again expressed his thanks for the continued support of the program.  

For more information about the Testicular Cancer Foundation, visit its website at www.testicularcancer.org.

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