A Maypearl woman who moved from California to Texas in 2017 has politically thrust herself on behalf of the Republican Party into the city of Waxahachie’s nonpartisan, municipal city election. Precinct chair Kathy Ponce, who is white, and has said that she left her state because it became a “one party rule” of Democrats, has actively campaigned against Chuck Beatty, the sole person of color on Waxahachie’s five-member council. As well, she has called for the GOP’s political censure of Waxahachie Mayor David Hill, who is also white, for supporting Beatty in his bid for re-election.

Beatty, a native Waxahachian who has served on the city council for more than 20 years, including as mayor, is seeking re-election to the council’s Place 5.

As of press time, the Ellis County Republican Party chair, Randy Bellomy, has declined to respond to the Sun’s questions about Ponce’s behavior in what the city’s charter sets up as a nonpartisan election without political affiliation. Instead, the four member Ellis County GOP Executive Committee recently endorsed Beatty’s runoff challenger, who is white and is touted by Ponce on social media as being a “hard Republican.”

On the Ellis County Republican Party’s website, the committee’s endorsement of Beatty’s opponent is featured on the home page, with a call to action to support his opponent. 

Bellomy also hasn’t responded to the Sun’s questions about the political behavior of Paul Christenson, a runoff candidate in the city of Waxahachie’s Place 4 race. Christenson has repeatedly branded himself a “Republican” in the nonpartisan race and was seen on video with his female opponent Billie Wallace’s political campaign signs in his possession after having removed them from several properties around town. That matter remains under investigation by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, with the Hill County Attorney’s Office handling the prosecutorial oversight. (The Waxahachie Police Department and the Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office both recused themselves).

Threat of censure

Ponce’s threat to have the GOP censure Hill was delivered via email May 21, with a copy sent to Bellomy. She signed her email as a member of the “True Texas Project,” which is a rebranding of the former NE Tarrant County Tea Party, according to its website. She lists her position as an Ellis County GOP precinct chair and its legislative director.

A copy of the email, including Hill’s (May 22) responses back to Ponce, was obtained by the Sun and is published below. The Sun was informed that members of the county GOP recently met, sans the presence of Ponce and Bellomy, and discussed the censure of Hill before voting not to do so. The Sun requested a copy of the meeting’s video; however, was subsequently told the audio/video didn’t work that evening and no recording was made.

Ponce’s email, Hill’s response

From: Kathy Ponce <texaspoliticstx@gmail.com>

Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021 2:12 PM

To: David Hill <dhill@waxahachie.com>Randy/Linda Bellomy <randy@bellomyheatingandair.com>

Subject: Election Time Issues


Hope all is well.....

I have been approached by many concerned Waxahachie citizens in regards to some issues that may be occurring with a particular City Council race.

It has been duly noted by many people that there is a discussion taking place that if Chuck Beatty is not re-elected to his current seat that minorities would not be properly represented or served. That this would cause the city to have to be placed into a true place system.

Hill response: “Not true”

I personally have researched this statement myself. Not only in the Waxahachie City ordinances but with calls to the Texas SOS and the DOJ.

If you have the Waxahachie ordinance in regards to this issue could you be so kind as to send it to me?

Hill response: “We have no ordinance to that effect. Our City Charter would address that issue if it were true. We are a Home Rule Chartered City governed by Local Government Code.”

I believe this statement may be being used? Nowhere does it state that if Mr. Beatty were to lose that such an action would have to take place.

Hill response: “That is correct, Kathy.”

d) All councilmen shall represent the entire city as a whole, and all candidates shall run at large at any election to be held for the office of councilman. In the event that such system shall be hereinafter declared invalid by the Supreme Court of Texas or the Supreme Court of the United States, or by the legislature of the State of Texas, or by the final judgment of any court of competent jurisdiction in a direct attack brought upon the City of Waxahachie, the city council shall be empowered to enact by ordinance a division of the city into such districts or wards as may be consistent with the terms of such judgment or legislation, and to provide for:

1) The designation of such districts or wards by name or number; (2) The assignment of councilmen then in office to such districts or wards; and (3) The election thereafter of councilmen to represent such districts or wards, all with such residential qualifications as may be decreed or provided by such decree, judgment or legislative enactment.

There is no such Place System law in place in the State of Texas. Please note: I have dealt with this statewide law in the past in CA.

The SOS stated: “if anything it would be either something in a city charter/ordinance or a court ordered situation related to preclearance with the DOJ.”

The DOJ stated “they have no knowledge or concern of any issue about a Place System or minority representation in the State of Texas and no preclearance issues in the State of Texas.”

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because the people addressing this issue have stated that you are the main person discussing this in your defense of why Chuck Beatty should be re-elected. So I seek your input on the truth and facts or false information of this scenario.

Hill response: “Sorry you went to all the trouble to research this issue. A simple text or message could have answered your question. My experience on our City Council for eight years has proven to be non-partisan, in keeping with what you quoted above, “All councilmen shall represent the entire city as a whole”. If you look at the voting records of Chuck Beatty and Travis Smith as they relate to City business, in my view, this is where you will see a stark difference. Mr. Beatty has twenty six years of Council experience and an extensive voting history and Travis Smith has none. It is true we serve the City in an At-large position, which is evidenced by Mr. Beatty’s overall body of work and his exhaustive list of accomplishments. Under his leadership, as Mayor of the City, Mr. Beatty built our Civic Center and Sports Complex and many other amenities throughout the community. He has served as a great ambassador and has played a major part in bringing our community together for over forty years. I have not seen Mr. Smith’s record nor heard of any of his accomplishments that would cause me to support him for a position on City Council. I have mentioned to Mr. Smith that in my opinion serving on a City Commission or Board would be more beneficial at this point in time. It would certainly give him a hands on knowledge of how the City functions. Writing about City business is a lot different than doing City business. “

And while it is clearly understood that friendships take place over a period of time, I find it disheartening that a proclaimed Republican such as yourself would adamantly and openly support a known and hard democrat.

Hill response: “Your statement is the exact definition of what Oxford calls Bigotry. I’m sorry this disheartens you but, I’ll take a loyal friend and a dedicated public servant over any political party label… any day.”

Texas is in unprecedented times of attacks from the left. We are heading down much of the same road that took my home state of California to destruction. And I see the same issues occurring here. One of the main issues is the fact that Republicans would constantly support/endorse Democrats at the local level. Once the Democrats took control at the local level they moved right on up to the State Houses. While Mr. Beatty may not have a goal to move up the ladder it is still disheartening to not see Republicans unite behind their candidates.

I have attached to this email the voting records of both Travis Smith and Chuck Beatty.

Hill response: “Do you have the City voting records of the two?”

Please note the very stark differences.

And if this election is in any way a concern to you in regards of whether or not you would have the desired votes to remain as the Mayor, if Travis Smith were to win, may I suggest a better building of bridges and backing of Conservative policies to heal the divide that you have helped to create amongst the Republican Party.

Hill response: “Really don’t like veiled threats.”

It has been mentioned that you have stated you will have no other option than to resign if Travis Smith is elected due to the legal ramifications of the unintended results and possible lawsuit due to the non minority representation. Whether factual or not it has been brought forth by many.

Hill response: “Never said anything like that. Someone lied to you.”

The following is an article on how local races are not non-partisan anymore:

And another article on leftists trying to take over in North Texas at the local level:

I truly hope that all the above is simply a misunderstanding. And I truly hope that you are supporting the Republican party candidate.

Hill response: “I’m supporting Billie Wallace and Chuck Beatty for City Council.”

Please note: I am cc’ing the Ellis County GOP Chairman, Randy Bellomy, on this email due to the nature of the issues brought forward.

Hill response: “I’m also forwarding this to several people who are leaders in the community.”

If these issues are all a misunderstanding then great. However, if they are factual then the discussion will begin in regards to whether to pursue a Censure from the Ellis County GOP. A Rule 44 censure would go straight to the State party and there would be implications on further races that you may decide to run for.

Hill response: “Now that threat is not even veiled. Just to be sure of what you are saying, if I don’t vote for the person of your choice you will have the Republican Party censure me. Is that correct?”

Thank you for reading the concerns set forth and we look forward to the open discussion and resolution to the above concerns by local constituents.

Kathy Ponce

True Texas Project Ellis County Director

Ellis County Precinct Chair #135

Ellis County GOP legislative Director.

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