Voters across Ellis County turned out Saturday, May 1, for their municipal and ISD elections, with several other measures also being voted on.

In the city of Waxahachie municipal election, city council, Place 4, will see a runoff between seat challengers Billie Wallace (1,608 votes) and Paul Christenson (1,347 votes). Incumbent Mary Lou Shipley (1,300 votes) came in third in the race.

In city council, Place 5, a runoff will be held between challenger Travis Smith (1,502 votes) and incumbent Chuck Beatty (1,684 votes). Also running was challenger Darrin Robinson (888 votes).

All three incumbents in Waxahachie ISD board of trustee races were returned to office. In Place 3, incumbent Kim Kriegel (3,972 votes) defeated challenger Amy Hedtke (1,629 votes). Place 4 and 5 incumbents, John Rodgers and Melissa Starnater, respectively, were unchallenged for their seats.

Waxahachie ISD also had placed a bond proposition on the ballot, with that measure defeated by voters by a vote of 3,861 against and 2,897 for. The measure saw more no votes cast in all three categories: absentee, early voting in-person and election day voting.

CD6 special election

Also on the ballot was voting for Congressional District 6, which saw a field of 23 candidates vying for votes across three counties (Ellis, Navarro and part of Tarrant counties). Of the candidates, two will go into a runoff, with that date to be determined by the governor.

The direct link to results for that race is, with the site showing cumulative totals reflecting the three counties’ voting. In Ellis County, the late Congressman Ron Wright’s widow, Susan Wright, received 2,448 votes. State Rep. Jake Ellzey received 1,814 votes. Both are Republicans. The Democratic candidate receiving the most votes in Ellis County was Jana Lynn Sanchez, with 751.

With all 227 precincts in the three counties reporting, the runoff will be between Wright (15,052 votes) and Ellzey (10,851).

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