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Matt Savino announces his candidacy in the 2020 elections for the state House seat for District 10, representing Ellis and western Henderson counties.

For the past two decades, Savino has been an activist for constitutional rights, personal liberty, shrinking the government and not just lowering taxes but eliminating them. A Libertarian and Constitutionalist, he is not full of empty promises just to get your vote. He wants to truly make life better without the government telling us what we can and can’t do at every turn in our personal lives.

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. The state Legislature elections are held concurrently with the statewide and national general election.

“I’m running for House District 10 because we need a representative that will actually fight and bring the power back to the people instead of making more laws that infringe on our rights more and more each day, and growing the government,” Savino said. “We have too many attorneys, judges and career politicians in office. We want our freedom back; we should be the rulers of our own lives and homes without having to ask permission and pay fees and fines to go about our daily lives.

“Now, Texas is a great state,” he said. “I mean, just look at how many people are moving here. I’ve lived in 11 other states and I’ve seen a lot over the years and met a wide variety of people. I heard great things about Texas so my family and I moved here over four years ago looking for a better life and a new beginning.

“As great as Texas is, there’s always room for improvement,” he said. “And together we can make Texas even better. I’ve seen things that work and things don’t work all around the country. If elected, I will propose repealing unconstitutional and victimless laws along with at least reducing, if not eliminating, taxes, and cut as much state spending as possible so that things can be better here in our community and the state as a whole, not just for you and I, but for the generations to come.

“As your representative, I will do everything I can to protect and reinstate your rights that the constitution is already supposed to protect from the overreach of the government both at the federal and state level,” Savino said. “The unconstitutional laws with licensing, permits, restrictions and fees here are preventing people from protecting themselves, their families and their property. Let’s bring true constitutional carry to Texas. Sixteen other states have now passed bills for constitutional carry and the crime rate in each of those states has lowered. People feel more secure in their homes and going about their daily lives knowing they can protect themselves and their loved ones. This also lowers the burden on law enforcement.

“I also have a serious issue with CPS,” he said. “The state has given them way too much power. They are unregulated and too many children are being taken from their homes wrongfully. I want to see CPS’ power lowered drastically, if not done away with completely. While your child is under their care they are twice as likely to be victim of physical abuse and 10 times more likely to be a victim of sexual abuse.

“Lastly, we are being taxed to death, almost $32 billion just in sales tax last year alone,” he said. “We have the 12th highest sales tax and the third highest property tax in the union. The best way to improve our communities is to keep those dollars in the people’s pockets, not the coffers of our government. You should decide where your money is spent, not the government. I want to help return that power back to the people. There are many people who are on some form of government assistance that would not need to be if our taxes weren’t so high. As your representative, I will vote against any tax increase and push for lowering taxes and work towards eliminating as many as we can.”

Savino is a father of three; he resides in Seven Points.

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