Waxahachie ISD

A TikTok school bathroom challenge led to thousands of dollars of damage Monday, Sept. 13, at Waxahachie High School.

The bathrooms were damaged by students, and some have already been identified by the district. A statement on Waxahachie ISD’s official Facebook page reads, “Waxahachie ISD and the Waxahachie Police Department will investigate this fully and pursue punishment for all students involved to the fullest extent of both the WISD student code of conduct and the criminal code.”

The district hadn’t heard about the “challenge” before it happened here, district spokesman Jenny Bridges said, noting that campus administration learned about the damage when students reported it.

She described the damage as soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, and hand dryers ripped from the walls; toilet seats taken off and stolen; drywall, tile and stalls damaged; and signage taken down and destroyed or stolen.

“Our Support Services team is already hard at work repairing the damage that was done, and we hope to have at least some of the bathrooms back in operation this week,” she said, noting that all 14 damaged bathrooms were student bathrooms and included both boys and girls facilities.

“While we are still assessing the damage, we are hopeful our in-house team can handle the repairs,” she said, estimating the damage at about $10,000 pending final assessment. The district won’t be filing a claim on its insurance as the amount is below the deductible threshold.

“Luckily, we have plenty of restrooms throughout the building,” Bridges said. “We are restricting bathroom access and ensuring adult supervision of the restrooms, but all students have access to the restrooms that are available. Damage to the 14 restrooms was in varying degrees, so repairs may be able to be completed more quickly in some versus others.” 

The district has already identified some of the students who were involved but is unable to provide any information about them due to federal privacy requirements (FERPA), Bridges said.  

The district continues to review tips it has received about the vandalism – and urges parents to speak to their children about the seriousness of what occurred.

Those who have tips are asked to email them to campus principal, Tonya Harris, at tharris@wisd.org.

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