Students from Waxahachie High School’s construction technology 1 and 2 classes thanked the police department in a unique manner Thursday. In the lobby of the station, students presented large wooden flags bearing a blue stripe to officers as a gift of appreciation and thanks for their service to the community.

Teacher Curtis Green told the crowd at the station the project started last year with a goal for each officer to have a wooden flag. Students met that goal, he said.

“For those of you working for the Waxahachie Police Department, we took this as a challenge last year,” Green said. “We decided that we were going to build some American flags. I had seen the thin blue line on the flags and said, ‘We can do that.’

“Thanks to the generosity of Lowes – they donated tons and tons of lumber – we made in the neighborhood of 130 flags,” Green said, noting that the students are still working on the ones for the fire department.

Green said the senior students began working on the project last year and were joined this year by members of the junior class. With their help, they were able to make more flags, he said, noting that the “ultimate goal” of this project was to say thank you.

“We wanted to honor you guys,” Green said. “The police department does such a great job for Waxahachie in protecting our students and our community. They (the students) just wanted to give you guys a little bit. It is not a lot but they worked on and put their hearts into it. They learned a lot too.”

Each flag was made of pine donated by Lowes from material that was unsuitable for sale to the project. Although the lumber was bent or twisted, students were able to make the pieces usable again with shop equipment and cutting the boards to the needed length.

The flags measured 19 inches by 36 inches. The flags’ stars were made with a template, with students cutting them into the wood using a Dremel and engraving tools. The flags also were given a torched finish that was accomplished by using a propane torch.

Waxahachie Police Chief Wade Goolsby expressed his thanks for the gifts given by the students to the department.

“We appreciate all of the work that you guys did making these things,” Goolsby said. “They are absolutely beautiful. It is a little overwhelming that you made one for every single officer.

“We know that with them being handmade that makes them even more special,” he said. “We really appreciate that you think of us. They will be valued by everyone that receives them. We greatly appreciate it.”

Senior Alex Martinez shared with the Sun that he’s proud of the work the class did in putting the flags together, describing it as “a great experience.”

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