Ann Montgomery

Ellis County & District Attorney Ann Montgomery will host the first-ever Citizen Prosecutor Academy for residents of Ellis County beginning Feb. 3, 2022. This 10-week program is an opportunity to obtain an insider’s perspective on the structure, philosophy, operations and service of the Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office.

“When I was running for this position, I learned that the majority of the citizens did not have a full understanding of what this office does for the citizens of Ellis County,” Montgomery said. “The academy will benefit citizens to really understand what the County & District Attorney’s Office does, the vitally important role it plays within the criminal and civil justice system and how the office and its work benefits the local community.”

Have you ever wondered about how the criminal justice system works?

How does a case progress from the arrest and indictment of a suspect to trial and potentially even an appeal?

What is the role of the law enforcement agency, the grand jury, prosecutors, judges and members of the jury within the justice system and how do they collaborate to ensure justice is served?

Participants will hear from prosecutors, investigators, judges and law enforcement officials as they explain how a case develops, from arrest to trial, and subsequent appeal. You will also learn how the Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office handles civil matters from litigation to advice and counsel for the county commissioners court and other county agencies. You may even take a field trip or two.

Follow the Citizen Prosecutor Academy tab at to apply now. The academy is offered at no cost, but class sizes are limited, and applicants must be at least 18 years old and pass a background check. Applicants must also commit to completion of the program, hosted on Thursday nights for 10 weeks.

If you have any questions, contact Samantha Johnson at 972-825-5035 or

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