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Sery Kim, a lifelong Texan, attorney, and former assistant administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration appointed by President Donald J. Trump, is officially launching her campaign for the open seat in Texas’ 6th Congressional District.

Since exploring the honor to represent the 6th District just days ago, she has raised more than $150,000, while receiving national recognition, interest, and inquiries from a myriad of conservative elected officials, state and national organizations, local activists, and media outlets throughout Texas and the United States.

“Today, as a lifelong Texan and child of immigrants from Seoul, South Korea, I am humbled to work for the votes of Texas Congressional District 6,” she said. “My parents waited 10 years to come to the United States, legally, and it took me 20 years (when it normally takes half the time) to become a United States citizen because [the Democratic Party] only cares about illegal immigrants. [They] don’t care about the working poor like my parents and legal immigrant children like me.

“As I go from Ellis, to Navarro, and Tarrant counties, I am meeting with business owners and families in search of solutions to the issues of immigration, the devastation left in the wake of the global pandemic and most recent storms. During these hard economic times, I am truly honored to the fact people are willing to sacrifice and support my campaign for TX-06. I look forward to sharing my journey and vision for stabilizing and securing a thriving and vibrant Texas. It is time we got back to business.”

A lifelong Texan, who watched her parents clean bathrooms and empty trash cans in the very congressional district for which she is running, Kim was inspired by their sacrifices. She finished college with a 3.98 GPA in two years and graduated from UT Austin School of Law at age 23. She has served two presidents, including Trump, and is the immediate former assistant administrator for the Office of Women’s Business Ownership, where she oversaw and administered broad, emerging, and critical Women’s Business Center programs to achieve OWBO and the Small Business Administration’s goals and objectives.

More information about her campaign can be found at

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