Erika Seamayer-Williamson, her husband, Erik Williamson, and daughter Erika Laine. All are involved in Seamayer-Williamson’s podcast.

Every first and third Thursday of the month people across the nation are tuning in to listen to the stories and testimony of former Ellis County resident Erika Seamayer-Williamson.

Now a resident of DeSoto, Seamayer-Williamson has been making a name for herself in the world of podcasts with her show, “Amazing Grace Talk.”

In an interview with the Sun, she shared that the idea was given to her by a friend in passing and eventually she decided to give it a try.

“We explore the stories and truths behind the most powerful force in the universe: the love and grace of God,” she said. “I have overcome a lot of pain and darkness because of my past marriage, and I wanted to share my story with others.”

It was on Sept. 17, 2020, that Seamayer-Williamson put out her first episode, titled “Erika’s Own Story of Grace.” In the episode, she tells listeners of her testimony and how she found forgiveness and grace after a tough divorce. Since that initial episode, she has had several guests on her show to give their own testimonies and stories of overcoming life’s obstacles with their faith.

Her most recent episode, released Dec. 17, titled “My Journey from Make-Up Artist to Ministry,” delves deeper into her personal story with her occasional co-host Robin Raetzman.

The stories and testimonies are resonating on a much larger scale than Seamayer-Williamson ever expected. In the three short months she has been doing her podcast, she has already risen to the top 10% of podcasts on Buzzsprout.

“I’m not a pastor or natural public speaker,” she said of finding her calling in speaking to others about faith and redemption. On chartable, a podcast analytics website, she has garnered a 5-star rating from her listeners, who rave about her relatability, the powerful stories of her guests, and how inspiring her show is.

Before starting her podcast, Seamayer-Williamson was already heavily involved in ministry within her own church and known for her Amazing Grace Retreats. These range from luncheons to weekend getaways, where women of faith can fellowship, relax, and rejuvenate. Locations for weekend events in Texas rotate between Dripping Springs and Cleburne. She also holds weekend retreats in Lemmon, South Dakota, and Lead, South Dakota. She’s a former resident of South Dakota and refers to it as her second home.

“I used to go back to the Black Hills of South Dakota every few months and still work to pay for my trips, after we moved,” she said. “Once I began the retreats, I knew I wanted to hold some there as well. I love it there, it’s beautiful and one of the places I feel most at home.”

Her next event, a luncheon, “Worthy, Your Journey to Freedom,” will be held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Jan. 16 at Walnut Creek Country Club in Mansfield. It will be hosted by Seamayer-Wiliamson; other speakers are Anna Slayton and Dawn Fields. Tickets are $85 and can be purchased at Included with the ticket is lunch, an event T-shirt, complimentary gift bags, materials to make a vision board, a full day of coaching from three in-demand life coaches, and access to the private “Amazing Grace Retreats” Facebook community.

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I LOVE Amazing Grace Talks podcast because they are so relatable. We have all been through challenges and it gives me strength and inspiration when I hear how God has sustained people through life’s darkest moments. I definitely want to keep pressing forward after listening to Amazing Grace and the know all of Erika’s listeners feel the same. Keep up the great work Erika, your labor of love is a blessing to so many.

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