longevi-t-lymphatics wellness center

The staff of Longevi-T-Lymphatics includes Thomas Walker, Dale Selgrath, Ani Vigil, Tiffany Barnes, Kristina Bellows, Sheree George, Teresa Morrow and Leanne Voosen. Not shown are Denise Humphrey and Scott Winter.

Healing is what this new business is all about.

Teresa Morrow started Longevi-T-Lymphatics Center for Healing, 2305 Dallas Highway (North U.S. Highway 77), Suite 100, because she wanted to share with others the paths to healing and wellness that have helped her stay healthy since surviving breast cancer.

“All the therapies [at the center] are therapies that helped me after I went through chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer,” she said.

She opened the center in August. An open house will be held at 11 a.m. Dec. 8.

The business isn’t just for those who have survived cancer, she said. It is for anyone interested in optimal health and wellness.

In her journey toward health, she learned about nutrition and began eating healthier and taking nutritional supplements. She learned about ways to relax and deal with stress like walking meditation. She also began to look into Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient healing system developed in India about 3,000 years ago that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

Through Ayurveda, she said she began to understand how important the lymphatic system is to overall health. Part of the circulatory system, it plays a major role in the immune system, hustling infection-fighting white blood cells through the body.

Certain illnesses like lymphedema, a blockage of the lymphatic system, can cause swelling and pain in the arms and legs. Morrow is a lymphatic enhancement therapy specialist who treats conditions like lymphedema through soft tissue massage techniques combined with sound waves, electrostatic current and light waves.

“My focus was to bring a lymphatic clinic into our community,” she said, “but also a center for healing.”

The center offers a wide range of alternative therapies for healing and wellness, from yoga to meditation, to a variety of massage techniques, aromatherapy and detoxifying foot baths, she said.

Other nontraditional therapies include cranialsacral therapy, a light head massage used to help with neck and back pain, and Magna Wave PEMF therapy, which uses a pulsed magnetic electric field to help with pain.

She has a staff of eight who are qualified in different specialties.

In addition to individual therapy sessions, they offer regular classes that include meditation, yoga and aroma freedom therapy.

They also offer classes like “Taming the Dragon Within,” which will provide advice and techniques to deal with menopause and other hormonal and thyroid issues. Cost of the class is $10.

Their approach is holistic, said staff member Sheree George, who uses aroma freedom therapy to help people through emotional issues that may be limiting their lives. “We’re about the whole body here at the Longevi-T Center for Healing, the whole person.”

Morrow’s interest in health and wellness was initiated when she went to work at Ann’s Health Food Center and Market, next door to Longevi-T-Lymphatics.

There she met Thomas Walker, who was manager at the health food store, and he began talking to her about nutrition and healthier eating. As her own health improved, she began to think about starting the wellness center.

“Thomas was a very influential person,” Morrow said. “Right after I went through chemo and radiation treatment, he got me on a very clean eating diet.”

Walker said clean eating is one of his primary interests. At the center, he also provides bio-energetic testing using the Qest4 system, a machine he said measures energy fields in the body to determine any problems.

This or a similar scanning device, the Zyto Balance machine, can be used to check those who come in not sure what kind of therapy they want or need, Walker said.

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