As you walk through the doors of Waxahachie Coins and Comics, people are transported into a world of adventure, excitement, and fun for all ages. The store helps grow the imagination of both first-time comic book readers and collectors while fostering a sense of nostalgia.

Owner Kyle Brown shares his interest in comics, superheroes, science fiction, coins, and collecting with everyone that stops by the store.

“We enjoy getting to see the new generation of collectors and passing that on,” Brown said. “When we were kids, you saw comic books everywhere you went, in places like grocery stores, gas stations, and just all over. Kids don’t even see comics anymore. That is why we put the old spinning rack in and put free ones on there to give to kids so they could take one home look at it and see if they like it.”

Brown said while digital media is great, he feels children today are missing the tactile experience of having a comic book in their hands. While visiting with the Sun, he shared how comics have had an influence not only on his life but on the lives of one of his friends. The art in the comics inspired Brown’s friend to pursue a career in creating art.

Brown feels that by putting a comic in a child’s hands he can present them with new possibilities to explore.

Waxahachie Coins and Comics has a wide selection of items that fits everyone’s budget, starting with the child who’s just starting out to the serious collector. People can find items ranging from comic books, vintage video games and systems and Pokémon trading cards to movie memorabilia, toys, coins, and other collectibles. The business also deals with gold and silver.

“We cater, as far as the comics go, to two different clientele: Kids who want to come in and they have got a little bit of money to spend. We have got inexpensive items that are $5 or $10, and they can leave with a bag full of stuff,” Brown said. “We also carry higher-end and premium items for the collectors that are looking for the nicer stuff. We have got guys that come in regularly that are collectors that are coming in to fill gaps in their collection and purchase nicer books.”

Brown said it’s rewarding to see a customer discover something he knew about 20 years ago before it was mainstream and share it with them. He’s also seen customers share their interests with youngsters as they shop in the store.

“We are at that 30-year point where it is like the guys are reliving some of their childhood and passing it on,” Brown said. “I have got a 7-year-old boy and he likes ‘Masters of the Universe.’ I like ‘Masters of the Universe.’ It is like the best of both worlds for me. I am reliving my childhood and sharing that same passion with him. So, we get to witness a lot of that, which is cool.”

Waxahachie Coins and Comics is located at 212 W. Jefferson St., Suite No 3, in downtown Waxahachie. It is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. Store staff can be reached at 214-980-1696, with additional information found on the store’s Facebook page or online at

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