Waxahachie Architectural Salvage is moving out of the city-owned building it’s been leasing at 408 S. Rogers St. into two separate locations downtown. The move was prompted by the city looking into redeveloping the structure as a city annex or razing it for a new building to serve the same purpose.

One of the places where Waxahachie Architectural Salvage is going is the former county elections office at 106 S. Monroe St. across from Pop’s Burger Stand. Renovations there are under way with the location anticipated to be open by Oct. 5.

The second location will be at 103 N. Jackson St. in a brick building behind the Rogers Hotel that was once home to an air-conditioning shop. This site will serve as a workshop and will be where some of the bigger lumber is stored. The Jackson Street location is also set to open in October with a specific date pending. Both locations will be open to the public for shopping.

Despite the move, business owners Amy Munn and Kim Proffer say the experience for customers when they come into the store will remain the same.

“What we want our customers to feel when they come is, first, that they are warmly greeted and that they are our friends and family,” Munn said. “That is our No. 1 priority, for them to feel special and feel like they are at home. We always tell them to make themselves at home and to go anywhere in the building.”

Proffer shared Munn’s feelings – and thanked the community for its continued support.

“We are honored and grateful to be a part of Waxahachie,” Proffer said. “While we are sad to be leaving this location and sad that they are going to tear this building down, we know that God has something bigger and greater.

“So, we are just walking in faith and trusting him in what he is going to do,” she said. “Thank you, Waxahachie.”

A second lease on life

Waxahachie Architectural Salvage specializes in giving items a second lease on life, whether as decorative pieces, used on a home project or adding a little character to a room.

Both Munn and Proffer share a passion for repurposing items. The two were previously consignors with Waxahachie Architectural Salvage’s former operators. They went on to manage the store and then bought it a year ago.

“I think to own a store like this is it has to be in your blood,” Proffer said. “It can’t be occasionally you do this. So, it is kind of in our DNA. It is nonstop.

“We are either shopping online or shopping in person,” she said. “When we travel, we plan our vacations around places that we can go and shop. You plan to bring a load back from where you go.”

The business offers a wide selection of reclaimed lumber, windows and doors that can be used for home renovations, as well as furniture, antiques, advertising signage, vintage toys, lighting, bathroom fixtures, custom made items by local artists and more. The salvage items date from the early 1900s to the present.

“Not only do we sell stuff that is unique but we build things,” Munn said. “We might find a unique table base that we pair with something that is random to make a cool table or a cool lamp. You have to have that creative side too.

“You have people that are coming in here looking for old wood because they are redoing some hardwood floors and they want some pieces to fill in,” she said. “We have customers come from Oklahoma and other states just to pick out certain unique items for their customers’ homes.”

It’s a constant hunt, with the business partners and friends “always looking for something with character and always something that we can repurpose,” Proffer said. “Our goal is for it not to end up in the landfill but to turn it into something really cool that not everybody else has that you don’t find typically at a furniture store.”

Waxahachie Architectural Salvage will keep the same hours when it reopens in October at its new locations: 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Wednesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and noon-4 p.m. Sunday.

For updates, visit the store’s Facebook page and Instagram account by searching for Waxahachie Architectural Salvage and Showroom.

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