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Christmas is just around the corner and the spirit of giving is in the air – and it definitely includes Vogue Salon & Spa at Legacy Ranch, which recently announced its team members will be selecting several women to receive some special gifts.

The salon’s Facebook page states that the winning ladies “will be pampered from head to toe at our salon and spa but will be dressed by Vaquera’s Boutique and have head shots taken by our local Lydia J Photography.”

Several of the Vogue stylists did makeovers of new hairstyles for those selected last year at their previous location. That bar’s been raised this year, with the salon having found much success at its location and with the partnership with the boutique and photographer.

Brooke Caldwell, Vogue Salon and Spa owner, posted the following Facebook comment as she extended the deadline for nominations until Dec. 7, “We are so looking forward to using all of our services at the salon to treat some very deserving ladies in the community! God has blessed us beyond measure this year and we cannot wait to give back to some special ladies, and for just one day hopefully allow them to not think of the struggles of life and just spoil them with a day at the spa!”

The stylists all share the same reasoning for wanting to hold such a special event. Most of them are mothers and they realize that moms often give their all to their families with not much left for them to do for themselves. Self-care activities for moms like trips to the salon and spa or getting a new outfit and having photographs made rarely happen, if they happen at all. This especially holds true when a mom is a single parent.

Vogue shared with the Sun that it’s getting “lots of nominations,” as friends and family members have been invited on the salon’s Facebook page to send a private message nominating someone worthy of the gifted services being offered. The owner and her team will then face the difficult task of selecting the best nominations, with several women expected to be chosen.

There’s a Bible verse that speaks somewhat to what the Vogues team is wanting to do with this project, with Luke 12:48 stating, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” They feel much has been given to the salon and spa and, even though they’re not required to give back, they’re voluntarily doing so because they’re giving people.

Vogue Salon and Spa at Legacy Ranch is located in Unit 200 at 1003 Legacy Ranch Road off of John Arden Drive. For questions, call 972 923-0060 or visit the website at voguesalon.org. Vaqueras Boutique is located at 104 N. College St.; its website is vaquerasboutique.com. Lydia J Photography is located on South Meadow Drive in Ferris; its website is lydiajphotography.com.

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