In an effort to bring creativity into the classroom, Waxahachie ISD teachers embraced this Halloween season into their curriculum. Unfortunately, a shortage of pumpkins in Ellis County halted that initiative.

But only momentarily.

Local land development company, Aspen Community Development, had the vision and the land to host The Pumpkin Hach this year. With communal relationships, the pumpkin patch was a success beyond its customers.

On Monday morning, the husband of Wedgeworth Elementary third-grade teacher Erica Brown entered the Aspen business doors desperate to put pumpkins in students’ hands.

Once Aspen Vice President Blain Vinson was made aware of the local initiative, he was more than willing to provide the children with a unique learning experience, with Aspen Community Development President Scott Pendery adding, “When I heard some students could not afford pumpkins for their school projects, I knew Aspen Community Development had to step in.”

As the Aspen team was loading up about 40 pumpkins for Wedgeworth, a Felty Elementary parent contacted The Pumpkin Hach Facebook page inquiring about 75 mini pumpkins for its fifth-grade students.

Together, the Aspen team loaded nearly 100 pumpkins to benefit Waxahachie ISD students.

The Wedgeworth students utilized their pumpkins for a book character project. Students selected a book of their choice, then chose a character from the story and transformed an ordinary orange pumpkin into that character.

“Students had so much fun creating and writing about their character,” Brown shared with Aspen.

On behalf of the third-grade team, Brown thanked Aspen for its donation and delivery of the pumpkins.

“We are so appreciative of Aspen Community Development for their continued investment in our students,” she said. “Anything that is donated to our schools is something that families and teachers don’t have to purchase, which is a blessing.”

On the other end of town, Felty students tested their science skills on the miniature pumpkins. Felty fifth-grade teacher Jennifer Summers had her students compare the effects of dropping different sized pumpkins into sand.

“We wanted each child to be able to do this experiment,” Summers said. “With this generous gift, all of our students will get a chance to participate and take a pumpkin home.”

A WISD spokesperson also took the time to thank Aspen, saying, “We are thankful for everything Aspen Community Development is doing to make Waxahachie a better place and grateful for the ways they are supporting Waxahachie ISD.”

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