For almost two years, The Dessert Spot has served as a home away from home for visitors to downtown Waxahachie. It is not only a place to socialize, owners Elmo and Arthelia Harris have made sure it is a place that is built on friendship.

Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the Harrises have worked hard to keep the doors open by changing up their business model to accommodate an ever-changing environment. When it was not possible to have customers to dine in, they offered curbside service, took in orders over the phone and mailed out orders they received through email. While the past few months have been tough, the support the Harrises have drawn upon has only made them stronger.

“Our faith has kept us going in addition to the community,” Elmo said. “Waxahachie and Ellis County have tremendously supported us. Churches, hospitals, other small businesses and the everyday people that walk in to grab a cookie or six cookies or a piece of cake. We just thank the whole community.

“That means to us we are putting out a good product,” he said. “For folks to come back in, the customer service has got to be No. 1. The minute people walk in our doors, we are greeting them. We want to have a welcoming atmosphere here and I think that we are meeting that as well.”

Arthelia shared Elmo’s feelings about how their faith has given them strength and how the support from the community has been a blessing.

“Our faith is everything and is what has kept us strong,” she said. “We pray about everything. People around us have prayed and continue to support us. That is how we have survived.”

Since opening the business in September 2018, the Harrises’ desserts have become well-known in downtown Waxahachie. The countertop next to the register showcases several glass containers, each with delectable treats located inside, including snickerdoodle cookies, chocolate cookies, cheesecakes and brownies, among other offerings. Customers can also enjoy some ice cream or a coffee.

The Dessert Spot was slowly coming back to normal after the governor began lifting restrictions; however, with some restrictions being recently put back into place by the state, the business is slowing down once again.

“We want customers to know that downtown is open,” Elmo said. “I speak not only for The Dessert Spot but for every merchant that is downtown. There are great things downtown. There are good shopping and restaurants and they are independently owned.

“This is hitting everyone hard, particularly the private businesses,” he said. “The franchises, even if they close, they are going to bounce back. The private business is tough. I think that this is going to be longer than anticipated but, if we can have the continued support of the surrounding people here in Ellis County, then I think that everyone will get through it.”

Even during the tough times, they still want to serve the community.

“Our goal is to continue to be a beacon of light in the community,” Arthelia said. “We want to continue to serve good desserts and also be a friend to the community. That is important to us as well. We want to be a place of joy in the community and a place of comfort. That is our goal to continue to create that environment in downtown Waxahachie.

“To do that we continue to need customers to support us,” she said. “That is our prayer and our goal.”

Elmo shared his wife’s feelings about the love shown to them by the community and The Dessert Spot’s future.

“We just want to say thank you to Waxahachie, the citizens, our customers and the county for just supporting us,” Elmo said. “We want to continue to do our best to serve them in ways far and above what they expect. We are going to continue to produce a great product. We just want to say thank you for all they have done this far.”

For more information about The Dessert Spot, visit its website at or check out its Facebook page. People who wish to place an order can call the restaurant at 214-463-5944 or email Mail orders take about 24 hours to be turned around.

The Dessert Spot is located inside the Rogers Hotel in downtown Waxahachie at 100 N. College St., Suite 103.

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