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An artist's drawing shows a proposed takeout window on the Main Street side of the historic Rogers Hotel in downtown Waxahachie. After discussion with the city's Heritage Preservation Commission, the window was approved for placement on the parking lot side of the building (the windows shown in the right of the drawing).

The Heritage Preservation Commission approved the installation of a takeout window on the side of the historic Rogers Hotel at its Thursday, Aug. 12, meeting. The window will be for a new downtown pizzeria.

Scott and Michelle Parker, owners of The Boil (a restaurant set to open this month in the Rogers), presented information to the commission.

“We submitted a request to install a takeout window on one of the window panels facing Main Street of the Rogers Hotel,” Michelle Parker said. “We also (requested) permission to remove a window panel from inside the building so that a pizza vent fan will be able to get mounted and come out on the side of the building without affecting any of the brick or framework of the building.”

Commission chairman Becky Kauffman asked the Parkers why they want to install a takeout window when the entrance is nearby for a person to walk inside and pick up a pizza. 

Michelle said the takeout window would better serve customers looking to purchase pizza by the slice.

“We figure it will be a little bit easier for people that are walking around downtown without wanting to come into the hotel itself to walk up to the window,” Michelle Parker said. “It will be very expedited for lunch too and super simple for people to pick something up and take it back to their office.”

Commission members expressed concern that putting the takeout window on the Rogers’ front façade would set a bad precedent in downtown and negatively impact the building’s historic look.

“It is really going to change the front of an important building, and it is on Main Street and that’s a problem,” Kauffman said of the Rogers, which opened its doors in April 1913, according to the Ellis County Museum’s website.

Commission member Peggy Crabtree shared Kauffman’s thoughts about the window.

“The National Trust for Historic Preservation stresses the importance a façade of a building has – and not to add any windows or doors and materials that take away from that façade,” Crabtree said. “When you start altering those, there is nothing preventing anyone else to do something similar. While this would benefit you perhaps, it would set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the town.”

The Parkers said they selected the front window instead of the side for safety reasons, citing a ventilation grate in front of the side window that faces the Rogers’ parking lot and a sloped concrete walkway.   

Michelle Parker told the commission she understood their feelings about the takeout window’s location and its impact and modified her request for its placement.   

With the commission members noting the side of the building is not as important as the front, approval was given for the takeout window to be on the side and in the window facing the parking lot.

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