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Mary Roux and Tish Creech celebrate five years in business.


Sometimes starting the next chapter in life can be a difficult and emotional process that takes time to work though. For Tish Creech and Mary Roux with Southern Revival Estate Sales and Marketplace, they work with clients to ease the burden when it comes to clearing out or downsizing a home. The company celebrates five years in business. 

Creech said that many of the clients they work with are at an in-between point in their life.

“A lot of these people are in a life transition,” she said. “They have had someone pass away or they are having to downsize their home. Other people might just want a whole new look. 

“There are just a lot of high emotions to it,” she said. “It is a process. When you have lived in a home for almost 50 years, that is your life. You have had memories there. It is a very emotional and hard time.”

Southern Revival takes on all aspects of operating an estate sale, from the sorting to pricing to the sale itself, which can be difficult for some people to do on their own. Creech said their company’s mission is not only to show their clients that they are loved and cared for but to also help them start their next phase in life. 

Through the process of putting on an estate sale, they get to know about the person through the items inside of their home, Roux said.

“Sometimes, when you walk in, you can feel sadness and sometimes you can feel it was a happy home,” she said. “Different houses, you can feel it because you were in those persons’ space. You get to know them intimately and, when you go through the items and you see how these persons lived, it is really amazing.”

One of the “neatest things” they’ve found has been war letters, Roux said, noting that there are people who’ve scrapbooked everything. “If they went to a dance or a function, they saved things like napkins,” she said. “Each home and item have a different story, which makes the job very unique and rewarding.”

Items in a home also reflect how culture has changed or how events have shaped a person’s life, Creech said. 

“We might be working with families whose parents went through the Depression and so they keep everything. They grew up in a time where they didn’t have anything,” she said. “Another thing that we come across is that people don’t entertain in their homes as much as they used to. They have multiple sets of dishes and crystal.”

The estate sales they put on typically take place Wednesdays through Saturdays, with Southern Revival paid a percentage for its work. 

“We have a wonderful crew,” Creech said. “We have eight ladies that work for us full time. We go all over the Metroplex. We try to stay south of I-20 but we will go to Dallas. We have done sales in Mansfield, Midlothian, Ennis and Corsicana.” 

Once a sale is complete, Creech said she’s seen how her clients are more at peace. 

“It is such a relief for them,” she said. “It is like a burden that has been lifted so they can move onto the next phase in their life.”

For more information about Southern Revival Estate Sales and Marketplace, call 972-905-0705. Additional information can be found at, or by searching Southern Revival Estate Sales and Marketplace on Facebook.

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