Is it even possible to imagine more than five dozen flavors of popcorn? In fact, that many and more flavors will soon be offered with the opening of Jordan E’s Popcorn & Candy Co. in historic downtown Waxahachie.

Jordan E’s is taking over the space that was formerly Common Threads Quilting, at 315 S. Rogers St. The new business plans to have its doors open around mid-October and before the annual Bob Phillips festival.

It’s a mother-and-daughter team effort, with Amber Hatley and Jordan Molina the driving force behind the new business. Both are realtors with Century 21/Jim Fite; however, Jordan will be the store’s manager and team leader once it opens.

They can’t wait for things to start a-poppin’ – they and their families have been busy setting up the space, which will be divided into a storefront/retail area and a production/kitchen area. All of Jordan E’s popcorn will be air popped, seasoned and bagged on site.

“We’ll use a ‘mushroom’ popcorn because it’s fluffy and holds the flavoring,” Molina said, listing some of the flavors to be offered as vanilla, butter caramel, BBQ/spicy and ranch. Of course, they’ll offer their own personal favorite, cinnamon bun, as well as the quite popular dill pickle flavored popcorn.

“We’ve always wanted to have some kind of a store,” Molina said. “We’ve been going to popcorn stores for years and thought, ‘Why not have our own?’ We love popcorn and thought it would be a perfect fit for us.”

Some of their inspiration comes from Disney World’s Main Street confectionary store.

“That’s one of our favorite places to go,” Molina said. “We want our store and our customer service to be on that level also. We have high expectations.”

Besides the fact that the two women love popcorn, one of the reasons they’ve frequented popcorn stores is because both have long presented gift baskets to their real estate clients. Now, they’ll be able to help corporations, businesses and other gift-givers by offering a wide selection of locally-produced gift baskets for purchase.

Both shared with the Sun how they “love seeing people smile” – and they expect Jordan E’s will help put many a smile on people’s faces what with its popcorn offerings as well as the variety of old-fashioned (and newer) candies they’ll have on hand.

Along with their experience in real estate, Hatley has worked as a marketing director and Molina as an event coordinator – and both have had experience with fundraising they’ll be able to pass on to their clientele. As an example, they’re already booking school groups that want to do a popcorn fundraiser, something they’ll be able to customize with special colors and flavors.

“We’ll cook it here,” Molina said, adding with a laugh, “The hard part will be not eating the popcorn all the time.”

Both women are pleased with the support they’ve received from the city in getting the business up and going. Jordan E’s is a labor of love for Molina and Hatley, whose husbands and other family members have all been involved in helping get the store ready to open. They also note they’ve been amazed by the number of people who’ve caught them at Jordan E’s as the renovations are being done to express their excitement about the new shop.

“It has been a family effort,” Hatley said. “It’s taking our village and it’s so cool that people are that eager for us to get our doors open. We’re kind of like a florist shop but with popcorn and candy.”

On the candy side of the store, a signature offering will be the homemade fudge they’ll also make themselves.

“We’ll have chocolate and vanilla based, caramel, some with nuts and different flavorings,” Molina said. “We’ll also be experimenting with flavors so as not to have the same thing all the time.”

They’re still shopping for the candies they’ll offer but the ones they already plan to have in stock include the red peppermint patties, Pez, taffy and gummies, with an emphasis on those candies that are “fun for kids,” they said. Jordan E’s will also offer old-fashioned sodas in the glass bottles, to include Mexican Sprite, Dr Pepper, orange, grape, root beer and cream-sodas.

The business website is under construction but questions can be directed to Molina at or 469-337-5262. Bookings are already being taken for fundraisers, so those interested are encouraged to go ahead and call for more information.

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