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Wendy Middleton's new business, Poof Be Gone, provides pet waste removal services.

It’s a job not everyone wants to do – which is one reason Wendy Middleton believes her new business, “Poof Be Gone,” is headed for success.

“My business provides waste management for your yard,” she said. In other words, Middleton picks up pet poop for pet owners ranging from those whose time doesn’t permit them to keep up with the task to those whose stomachs can’t handle it.

“It just doesn’t bother me,” the Waxahachie native said. “As far as I know, I’m the only person in Ellis County offering this service – and it’s a good fit for me because I’m not scared of dogs.”

A lifelong dog owner, Middleton currently has three: a 12-year-old pit bull, Boo; a 7-year-old English bulldog, Stella; and a 4-year-old “mutt,” Winston. She also has a cat, Tippy Jane.

Her entrepreneurial effort is a departure from her previous career as a worker in the psychiatric field. She had worked in several facilities and also for Adapt before moving into the X-ray field of health care. It was her mom Beverly Worthington’s passing in 2015, however, that made her think about life – and what she would like to be doing. And she came to the realization that her dream was to be an entrepreneur and grow a business of her own.

“I just want to work for myself and call my own hours,” she said.

She’s married to Steve Middleton; they raised five children (one son has passed away) and have seven grandchildren. Her family’s been nothing but supportive of her decision to be a small business owner.

And Middleton sees only potential with all of the neighborhoods coming in across the county and also the possibility of business and apartment complex contracts.

Pricing is determined based upon the size of the yard and the number of dogs but she notes, “It’s not expensive.”

“People just need to call me and I’ll go out, look at their yard and give them a quote,” she said. “I want to do a good job and have my business grow and get big.”

To date, she’s been building her business by word of mouth and it’s been steadily growing.

“My friends are excited about it,” she said. “They’ve all told me, ‘That’s the best idea.’ And I’ve had people referring their friends who have messy yards.”

Besides being her own boss, Middleton has found her new endeavor to be a great way to relax.

“It’s really meditative for me,” she said. “It’s my time not to worry about anything. It’s something I can do and be outside – and I love being outside.”

The service is offered year-round and Middleton said she’s “ready to go” so people should call for a quote as she sets up her routes.

“There’s no yard too little; there’s no yard too big,” she said.

Contact Middleton at 972-351-3355.

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