Tommy Ludwig

The Waxahachie City Council approved changes to the city’s code of ordinances relating to garbage and trash at its Monday night meeting. The changes go into effect April 1 as the city moves from hand pickup of trash and recyclables to a poly cart system.

Under the new contract, trash collection will be once a week, with recycling collection every other week. Residents will also have the option to dispose of household hazardous waste and e-waste as well as yard clippings.

Assistant city manager Tommy Ludwig said the distribution of the poly carts will be handled by Waste Connections, but the customer will have to request a cart from the company.

“Waste Connections, likely at the beginning of February, will be reaching out to residents regarding new service delivery options, days of the week, poly carts and restrictions,” Ludwig said. “Beginning in March, they will begin delivery of those carts. They will be delivered over a two-week period with the intention of having those delivered no later than that last week in March. So, effective April 1, everyone will be ready to go.”

Residents will not be required to screen the poly carts, which can be stored on the side, behind the front building line, in a backyard, garage, carport, or similar outbuilding. Poly carts used for small commercial and industrial business must not be visible from the right of way or they must be screened by fencing material or city approved landscaping.

“The poly carts are going to be the big change,” Ludwig said. “We (currently) have bi-weekly, meaning twice a week, loose collection. We will be going to once a week poly cart, so no longer loose bag collection. We will have every other week for recycling. That is going to be a service change there.

“We are going to be offering a brush in bulk,” he said. “Before, we didn’t have bulk collection except for a special event. That will be offered weekly and then we will be offering household hazardous waste on a weekly service, which is something that we have not had before.”

With bulk collections, residents are limited to 3 cubic yards, with pickup scheduled online through Waste Connections or by phone. Waste Connections is also replacing all existing commercial and industrial trash containers with new containers. The company will use an automated side loader truck for the poly carts and anticipates a 17% reduction in run time with once-a-week trash collection and every other week for recycling.  

Ludwig said there will be rates for bags that can’t be contained in the poly carts. Residents can purchase pink tags (similar to zip ties attached to the bag) from Waste Connections to mark them. The resident would contact Waste Connections and the company would bill them directly.

Poly carts can be placed no later than 6:45 a.m. the day of the scheduled collection or no earlier than 7 p.m. the night before for residences. For small commercial and industrial businesses, poly carts may be set out no later than 4:45 a.m. the day of the scheduled collection and no earlier than 9 p.m. the night before. Poly carts for residential, commercial, and industrial customers must be collected by the customer no later than 9 p.m. on the scheduled day of pickup.

Ludwig said the city’s contracted agent is responsible for ongoing maintenance to ensure the carts work properly. Any damage other than normal wear and tear will be the customer’s responsibility.

A change has been made to the discount received by seniors. Instead of a fixed rate of $2.10 in the existing ordinance, it has been modified to reflect a flat rate of 10%. The sanitation rate under the new contract will be about $12.37 per month for residential. Currently, it is $15.30 a month. When the 10% discount is applied, it will be $11.69 for seniors.

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