The Waxahachie Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending a zoning change that would allow the Montclair Heights subdivision to be built in the 2300 block of W. U.S. Highway 287 Bypass. 

Jennifer Pruitt, city senior director of planning, addressed the P&Z at its Tuesday, Jan. 11, meeting.

“The applicant has made quite a few changes to the plan,” she said. “The concept plan is still 188.46 acres in size, but they have dispersed the different lot sizes throughout the development. They have also added some alley access areas and they have increased the acreage of the retail component of the project.”

The Montclair Heights subdivision went before the city council at its Jan. 19, 2021, meeting. At that time, the developer proposed 394 lots to include cottage-style home lots and general retail tracts. Due to traffic concerns, the council voted 5-0 to deny the project.

Under the current development plan, the 188.46-acre project will have 384 lots that feature single-family homes, cottage-style homes, retail, office, parks, and open space.

The project was previously before the P&Z at its Dec. 14 and Dec. 28, 2021, meetings, with commissioners voting to continue the request. Since then, the applicant reworked its plan.

“The applicant has made some changes and has now proposed five architectural design styles, contemporary, modern farm, Mediterranean, Tudor, and craftsman,” Pruitt said. “They are proposing 12% of the overall housing stock of each of these architectural design styles.”

Documents submitted to the commission indicate a minimum of 46 homes of each style in the Montclair Heights subdivision. The architectural styles of the remaining lots in the development will be determined by the market.

“To further promote architectural diversity throughout all lot types, the exterior finish material on all building elevations, except for an opening for doors and windows, shall be limited to any combination of brick, stone, cementitious fiberboard and stucco,” the documents read. “Wood may only be used as an accent exterior finish material and shall not exceed 10% of the total building wall area with each elevation being calculated independently.”

According to the documents, the developer “looks to create a walkable, interactive, and high-end development” with several open spaces, pocket parks, an amenity park, and a dog park. A homeowners association will be responsible for the amenities and spaces.

To alleviate vehicle congestion on U.S. Highway 287, the developer will work with the city and the Texas Department of Transportation to design and install a traffic signal at the southern entrance to Montclair Heights – and will fully fund that equipment. To help with ingress and egress the developer will cooperate with the adjacent property owner to the east to connect the proposed thoroughfare and provide enhanced access for Farm-to-Market Road 664/Ovilla Road.

The city received one letter in support of the project and four letters in opposition. Commission members voted unanimously to recommend the project to the city council. The project goes before the city council at its 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18, meeting.

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