Construction is under way on a new recreational vehicle resort that will provide visitors with a type of accommodation not available in the Waxahachie area.

Northside RV and Resort will be located in the 2800 block of U.S. Highway 77 across from the Atwoods Ranch and Home store, a location that is in the county itself and in the city's extra-territorial jurisdiction. It is not within the Waxahachie city limits.

Developer Chris Acker shared with the Sun that, while the resort will be in the county, he is constructing the facility to higher standards than the minimum otherwise required.

Acker said the resort will provide visitors with a relaxing experience as they visit Waxahachie and see what it has to offer.

“We have a lake that we are digging right now that will be a part of the development,” he said. “It is a spring-fed lake. We are going to have an icehouse where you fill up your ice if you need to. There are going to be a couple of golf carts that will be available for people who don’t want to ride their bikes.

“We will have one person on staff all the time to help people,” he said. “It will be gated and automated. So, you pay online, and it will give you a code or you can use a credit card at a kiosk when you arrive. It will tell you everything and you can log in just like a hotel.”

Northside will be built on 12 acres and has room to expand on the property. There will be 112 spaces, with 80 of those designed as pull-through spaces. All of the RV spaces and streets will be concrete and built to city standards (although in the county).

Other amenities at the resort will include cluster mailboxes, showers, restrooms and laundry facilities. Guests will have a limit of 90 days to stay at Northside.

Acker said the facility will be something the community can be proud of by it being properly managed and the offering of amenities.

According to the RVing Guide website, 10 percent of American households over 55 years old own an RV, while 8.9 percent of those ages 35-54 do. The typical RV owner is 49 years old, married, owns a home and has an annual income of $68,000. Across the country, more than 7-percent of households have at least one RV, with 8 million homes having RVs.

Waxahachie resident and RV motorist Billy Armstrong said a facility like this is “long overdue” and will bring “lots of visitors” into the community.  

“I think that there is a big demand in this area and the reason why I say that is because if you want to stay at a typical campground you can find them within 10 or so miles and maybe even a little further than that,” Armstrong said. “But, if you want to stay at a nice place, there is one that I am aware of that is south of Fort Worth and one that is north of Dallas. There is one in the Waco area but, in between those points, there is not really anything to do.”

Armstrong said he belongs to a motorhome club and takes part in events lasting from three to four days and where from 30 to 50 RVs participate. People are looking for places with nice amenities, he said.

“The one thing about a nice resort area is, if you have a good experience, then you going to come back the next time,” Armstrong said.

Northside RV and Resort is under construction and expected to open in May. 

Editor's note: Updated to clarify that the location of the resort is in the county and not in the city.

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Well that’s all well and good but I’ve seen other RV parks open with the policy that you can only stay a certain amount of days. Then the next thing exception are made and you wind up with half the park permanent residents or leaving their RV and heading back to the north country in the spring. These parks over time just get trashy if the city doesn’t monitor the businesses covenants. This is also going to be a big traffic mess. It already is and the first RV hasn’t even driven in. Waxahachie officials haven’t thought this through when they approved it. But what else is new.


As stated in the story, this is not located within the Waxahachie city limits so this did not go through the city nor any city approval given. The RV resort is in the city's ETJ and in the county. Concerns about the project should be directed to Ellis County officials. – Jo Ann/Waxahachie Sun

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